Dec 5, 2019

Random Thursday

Time for another adventure into Weird But True by Leslie Gilbert Elman as we learn more incredibly weird, but true facts about stuff in the world!

(image borrowed from Britannica)
In 1742, Anders Celsius intended his temperature scale to have the boiling point at 0 and the freezing point at 100. Somehow the two were switched.

Never knew that! To think things freezing at 100 degrees Celsius!

(image borrowed from Britannica)
It's believed that Swedish botanist Carolus Linnaeus may be the one for turning the Celsius thermometer upside down. Linnaeus is best know for devising the Latin binomial nomenclature we still use to describe plants, animals, and minerals today.

Fun Fact: Linnaeus unveiled his change to the Celsius thermometer a year after Celsius' death in December of 1745.

But I still don't get WHY?! Lol.

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)
Frederic Tudor of Boston made his fortune by harvesting ice from the frozen ponds in Massachusetts and then transporting it to places that didn't have ice of their own. His first delivery was in 1806 to another country was to Martinique, an island in the Caribbean. By 1833 he was shipping ice from New England to India!

Fun Fact: The first ship that delivered ice from Boston to India left with 180 tons of it and arrived with 100 tons, as the rest melted along the way.

I had wondered how you could deliver ice. By boat. To warmer climates. Without a freezer on board! Lol.

(image borrowed from Sciencing)
Water will rarely freeze at exactly 0 degrees Celsius. Sometimes, hot water will even freeze faster than cold!

Fun Fact: When hot water freezes faster than cold water, it is called the Mpemba effect. It was named after a student in Tanzania who pointed out the strange phenomenon to his science teacher asking for an explanation in the 1960s. Physicists are still looking for an answer.

Weird...but true!! LOL!!

(image borrowed from Nature's Jeannie)
Sound travels three times faster through water than air and will travel faster in salt water versus fresh water.

Wow. Didn't know salt would play a factor in things! And to think it moves faster with it in the water than in fresh water!

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  1. That's hilarious about the temperature scale! I can't imagine it being switch around that way.


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