Dec 8, 2019

Let's Discuss: Commenting Back

So it was as I was commenting on the post recently, I started thinking...I can't remember the last time I saw this person comment back on my blog. It was weird as I've been following them for ages...and it got me thinking over everyone else I comment at, and trying to remember the last time I saw them comment on my blog. Trust me, I get that not everyone has the time for commenting back! I GET IT! I've been there too! There are some days I am just so busy that when I finally get back home and sit at my computer, I just don't have the energy to comment at all. I will just kind of browse through the post listing and see if there's anything I feel like reading or mark to read when I do have the energy, but going back to comment on memes? Doesn't happen very often.

Commenting Back

How often do you comment back on another person's post when they link back to you? If I am in my commenting game--which I will say is me about 98% of the time. If someone links their post back in a comment, I will always go back and comment on theirs whether I follow them or not. It's just what I do! Lol. If they don't link back, it's harder because I don't know if they participated in the meme or not. And if they didn't, it's a little harder to return a similar comment.

I guess another question is, what makes you comment back on another person's post? Do you need to follow them? Do they need to have a certain comment box function? I still debate constantly over switching to Disqus and I think I some point. It's just when I have the free time, I find myself doing other things, like watching recorded shows or Disney+ or reading because I am SO behind! Lol.

The times I find myself not able to comment back are when I have to run time consuming errands after work. That when I get home a few hours later than normal, I just don't have the energy to comment back. And since I have to be at work super early, I wake up super early to leave super early, which generally means I need to get to bed fairly early so I can attempt to get a good night's sleep.

I know other bloggers talk about struggling to comment back and that they try to schedule a time to do all that. And they do! I can't tell you the amount of times I get a floodback of comments on old posts. It's nice to see that. Nice to know that other people are still reading my posts and visiting my blog. I've been struggling to keep things going what with the life changes and all. And I know that when I do find a new job it will be some of the same schedule like thing going on. But hopefully I'll be able to sneak in reading time more if I was on a different schedule that doesn't have me driving forever back and forth to work and home.

How often do you comment back on posts? Mostly memes or discussion posts like this? Review comments are likely ones that don't get comment replies back, usually! Granted if I saw something that required a response I'd comment back, though with my commenting system it's a matter if their email is set to receive replies and whatnot. Hence why I really, really need to install Disqus. I might just do that in the new year...and if all previous comments get erased because of it, so be it. I don't have the tech savvy to save them or figure out how to bring them back. That's 10+ years of comments...I don't think I have the energy for that! Lol.

So yes, back to my original question: how often do you reply back to comments on your posts? Or comment back on the memes you participate in?


  1. I have a circle of bloggers I always visit. They are listed in my favorites section on Feedly. Then, there are some I visit, when they post something that interests me. Many of those bloggers never visit me back, but that's not really my intention when I visit them, so I am ok with that. I am not a fan of throw away comments, so I really only comment, when I have something to say, but I do always respond to the comments on my blog, which I can say, not all bloggers do.

  2. For me, I make sure that I reply to every comment on my blog, but I don't necessarily leave a comment on their blog in return. If it's a blogger I don't normally visit, I will check out their site and comment if I have something genuine to say. I don't like to comment just for the sake of commenting, so unless I have something genuine to say, I'll just read the post and move on.

  3. Oh my gosh, this is SO ironic, because I literally just came over here because I haven't been here in AGES---I haven't even managed to reply to comments or comment back in the past month or so and this morning I said, "Okay, who are some bloggers that I usually visit regularly that I haven't come around to." And you were at the top of that list. I commented on your post from today and decided to see what else I've missed---and here was this post! (I actually literally think you might have been talking about me when you wrote this.)

    Anyway, as you know, I try hard to always comment back, but the last few months have been pretty nightmarish for me---two different family members in the emergency room, tons of doctor appointments, driving my daughter to classes since she can't drive right now, (a brief reprieve with a wonderful vacation), and then coming home to a series of plumbing emergencies that we still haven't gotten everything fixed after. Add to that the fact that I recently got a new editing project and ... yeah. I just checked and I have 225 comments that haven't been replied to yet!!! Since I tend to comment back when I reply, that means a lot of people I haven't been visiting.

    So, don't feel bad if you haven't managed to always comment back lately---you can't possibly be doing worse than me! LOL!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    P.S. I don't believe Disqus will delete your old comments. Where I had trouble was when I decided to switch to Wordpress---my Blogger comments all transferred, but my Disqus comments did not. In the end, I just had to give up and be content. :-)

  4. Finding your blog from a linkup...this topic is something I struggle with. My desire is to comment back on bloggers that comment on my posts, but it doesn't always happen. :( I've tried setting up a schedule to be more consistent about it, yet it's still an issue. Some weeks I can do it; other weeks I can't. Thanks for your grace here for those of us with good intentions.


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