Dec 18, 2019

Let's Discuss: Disney Movies These Days

So I finally saw Frozen II this weekend and I liked it. It was cute and the music was still fun...a part of me liked the first one just a little bit better for some reason. I need to see if my niece saw it and see what she thought. But once again, as I sat there watching this new Disney movie, I felt my eyes getting a little watery and was trying to prevent myself from having an emotional breakdown...and I started wondering...

When Did Disney Movies Become So SOUL CRUSHING?!

I mean seriously! I feel like these last run of Disney movies in the past few years, even the first Frozen, have had these moments where I am nearly bursting into tears. I mean, I might contain it to just watery eyes, but inside I feel like I'm dying! Lol. It's kind of surreal, I mean I know Disney would never ever END a movie with this soul crushing feeling, but oh my god, it's getting intense lately!

Heads up, there will be Disney spoilers for some movies ahead, not Frozen II mind you! Let's say movies from 2018 and earlier!

There was Frozen when for that wondering moment we think Anna just DIED to save her sister, but of course it only lasted for that very minute or so! Even in Inside Out when Riley's emotions team get out of sync or whatever and she was literally going through an emotional turmoil, it was saddening. The changes were too much for her and she was just a preteen on the cusp of hormones and all that, but still, it was sad! Then Toy Story 3 the toys were about to FREAKING DIE in a fiery inferno! I had some strong emotions over Toy Story 4, but since that one is still sort of "new" I won't get into those details. Back up to Brave and we thought that Merida didn't break the curse in time and her mother was just gone or stuck as a bear! And since I have a good relationship with my mother, I was getting the ugly cry going on! Even going as far back as Tangled, for a minute there, Eugene DIED! Where would Rapunzel's happy ending come in? She found love (in the Disney nano second--although to be fair, it took the whole day vs the nano second! Lol.) and lost it in a heartbeat. 

All these tiny moments that last from anywhere from a mere moment to a good couple of minutes were so heart-wrenching! I mean, what is Disney doing these days? Of course, looking back, you can kind of see this starting with movies like Beauty and the Beast, I mean the Beast was moments from DEATH! I mean it's a toss-up if you want to say he past out in those moments or died. I think the live action one had him dead for that minute or so and all the objects were turning into real objects and it was the Enchantress herself lifting the curse that did it. No true love declarations, I actually can't remember if Emma's Belle said it or not. Even The Little Mermaid had Ariel as a mermaid looking at Eric on the beach again after defeating Ursula, never to be together...until her father steps in. Again, it's like we're led to believe that all is lost until that LAST second.

I feel like these newer movies are really playing it up though, because oh my goodness I come out an emotional wreck. I still have mixed feelings over Frozen II's ending. I mean, in a way Disney kind of spoiled things with their toys of all things on their website. Guess that's why I should've saw it opening weekend. 

But seriously, these movies keep getting more intense I feel like. More so than the era of movies I grew up with. I remember in Toy Story 3 a kid getting upset and wanting to leave at THAT moment. I remember my niece getting over emotional during Disney movies when she was younger. I mean out of all the movies she cried at, the one time it was Peter Pan! Because the dad put Nana outside in her doghouse. Sure, looking back it was a little harsh (the act in the movie), but I mean she was bawling at the time, like it was the worst thing in the world to happen in the movie. We had to put a new movie in for her, something a little more happier! Lol.

I mean, I still plan to watch Disney movies. I'm just shocked that they're getting more emotionally gut wrenching. Does anyone else think this way? Are they trying to make these movies more gut wrenching for this new generation of kids? I mean I hate saying it, because it makes me feel sooooo old, but KIDS THESES DAYS! Lol. Are they a little less sensitive to things like this in movies? Is that why Disney wants to twist our hearts just a little bit harder? What are your thoughts?

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  1. I feel like Disney has always had some soul-crushing moments in their movies (at least some of them). I was all ready to mention Beauty and the Beast, but I see you already did that---I definitely cried when Beast was "dead." And, of course, there's Bambi's mom's death. I think a lot of the movies had moments like those. But it's interesting to think about if newer movies are even more intense---definitely could be!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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