Dec 12, 2019

Random Thursday

I kind of wish this fun little book, Weird But True by Leslie Gilbert Elman had an index! That way I could pick what factoids to share with you instead of just going in order. That way I could even look to see if there were any holiday appropriate themes! Lol. Oh well. Let's see what we learn next!

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)
By knowing the speed at which sound travels, scientists are able to measure the ocean's temperature. Temperature affects how fast sound can travel through water and by timing how long it takes to travel underwater it's possible to get an idea of the temperature of the water around it. This process is called acoustic thermometry.

That's interesting!!

(image borrowed from YouTube)
While it's not the best of ideas to go scuba diving when it's raining, if it so happens to occur, you might notice that these small raindrops produce an incredibly loud sound when they hit the water's surface. It starts as a "plink," quickly followed by a sharp ping like a high-pitched bell ringing. So you'd be surprise that larger raindrops make more of a "plunk" sound that is followed by a softer ping!

Whoa. Who would've thought? But since I am petrified by being in an ocean, I will never hear this sound! Lol.

(image borrowed from Old Farmer's Almanac)
Physicists have created recording devices that measure rainfall from under the water's surface of an open ocean. It monitors the sounds the rain makes when it hits the water's surface.

(image borrowed from NBC News)
The sound of fingernails on a chalkboard is cringe-worthy and that's because it produces frequencies similar to a chimpanzee's warning call. It's supposed that the sound triggers a fundamental primate danger sensor.

I guess connecting us to the monkeys and evolution? Lol.

(image borrowed from Twitter)
In 2009, a study at the University of Wisconsin wanted to figure out the responses of tamarin monkeys listening to various music types. It was revealed that most human music like classic, jazz, and Polka left the monkeys anxious and even cold...except for one variety and that was the styling sounds of Metallica! Yes, the monkeys enjoyed heavy metal! The only other sounds that turned them on were composed pieces of cello music with monkey calls.

I love that they enjoyed Metallica! That's hilarious!

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