Dec 12, 2019

Review--Wreck by Alyssa Rose Ivy

Cade Daly is already a king, but he’s about to be offered the throne of an entirely different kingdom.

Bird shifter Cade rules the supernatural world of the West Coast of the U.S. Sure, it isn’t the biggest kingdom, but the job comes with perks and doesn’t take much work. Yet, he’s getting restless, so he heads under water when he receives a summons from the Triton King.

Marigold Tidal is ready to be crowned queen. She’s spent years preparing to take the Triton throne. So why is her uncle offering the job to a cocky bird shifter? And more importantly, why does she find him so infuriatingly attractive?

Tempers flare and red hot chemistry brews as Cade and Marigold find themselves in a battle neither saw coming.

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest and voluntary review. I was in no way compensated for this review. 

Alyssa Rose Ivy returns once again to the Chronicles world with the new series, The Triton Chronicles! Wreck follows bird shifter Cade, who we met wayyy back in the day when he agreed to help out a certain Pteron in exchange for being made a king...the king of California. Cade ventures under the sea when he was summoned by the king for some unknown reason, it's there that he meets Marigold!

Marigold was expecting to take over her uncle's job as king of the sea, he raised her and her brother--who decided to live surface side a long time ago--when their parents died at a young age. Instead she gets the surprise of her life when her expected job is handed a land a flying-birdman-land dweller! Lol. Though, to be fair Cade was taken completely off guard as well, as he's never even met the king until that fateful day.

One can imagine that Marigold would want nothing to do with Cade...well, that's partly true, until a few drinks later and you can imagine what happens! Though the connection between Marigold and Cade seems real to the both of them. But yet, they come from two different worlds, so could a relationship between them even work? Time will tell, I suppose, but knowing Alyssa, something will be keeping these two together! 

The true conflict comes in the night after Marigold and Cade grow closer and that is to find that her uncle, the king, has vanished! Just gone. Whether it was a kidnapping or something more sinister has yet to be seen. And naturally, Marigold and Cade are prime suspects since Marigold was less than pleased when her uncle named Cade his heir. And Cade being an outsider doesn't look too good either.

It was so much fun to come back to the Chronicles world! I've forgotten how much I missed this world and the characters! You will see lots of familiar faces in this one! I love how these characters are always reappearing in these other stories! It's just fun to see the world continuously connecting back together! It's a trip for sure!

I was taken by surprise when it came to having the king go seems so random, and yet, I do believe that is Alyssa's point! I can't wait to see how this greater mystery will unfold as lots of dots are being laid out for us, but it's still rather early to try to get any of them to connect just yet! Luckily, the wait for the next installment isn't too far ahead as I am dying to know what will happen next!

Alyssa is one of my all time favorite New Adult authors, particularly because she writes Paranormal New Adult! I mean, how awesome is that? That she continuously builds upon her Chronicles world is nothing short of amazing! Each trilogy stands on its own and you can really just start anywhere within it, but there will be little continuity spoilers of course, mainly who winds up with who and all that jazz! Naturally, I would always recommend starting at the beginning because why not? Think of all the binging you can do! It'd be a treat to be able to do that again, because then characters will be fresh in your head and you won't be struggling to remember where you last saw "this guy" or "that girl." As usual, I've got the fuzzy memory syndrome for the most part, but names are very familiar to me, so I enjoyed myself immensely with this one!

Overall Rating 5/5 stars



  1. I like the sounds of the Triton thing, but I'm always a sucker for merfolk type ideas.

  2. I can tell how much you enjoy this author's work. I haven't heard about these books before so it sounds like I have lots to catch up on.


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