Dec 17, 2019

Let's Discuss: Movie Cover Books

So another topic to talk/ramble about popped in my head the other day. It was when I was looking at books online somewhere for random reasons and I saw a book, I can't remember which one and it had its movie/TV series cover/logo on it and I felt this sort of revulsion upon seeing it. Which brings me to today's topic:

My Revulsion of Movie Covers

Okay, so I couldn't think of many examples that would apply to myself. Sure there are TONS more Nicholas Sparks books and other books that have been made into movies or Netflix series but they aren't "my" books. Heck, this Nicholas Sparks one is from wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back in the day when I read contemporaries because I didn't have enough to read. I actually read A Walk to Remember sometime before the movie came out so I had another cover entirely!

There's just something about movie covers that nags at me. I guess in a way because I attribute it to people reading the book after the movie. Which I know in NO WAY MEANS ANYTHING! Lol. I guess because I always liked to be that girl who read the book FIRST! Movie covers on books always come after and whatnot.

I mean, there have been times when I see a preview for a movie that I think looks cool and then you see the BASED ON THE BEST SELLING NOVEL flared across the screen and then I'm off to Borders--because that's how it was back in the day--looking for said book without the movie poster on the cover! And depending on when I am doing my shopping this is either really easy or not so easy. I mean, I would even order the book with normal cover at the kiosk if it wasn't available in store!

That's how weird I am. Because even if the movie is just months away from releasing, I still found time to read the book first! As it should be, lol. And because of that, I always wanted the original cover, not the one with the movie poster on it. 

The only exception to this rule were the very, very few media-tie in books I read aka books based on the movie! I wonder if they even still make those...I know there was a Supernatural book series going on for awhile. I read the first few, but drifted off, as my TBR pile started getting out of control circa 2010. Lol.

So what about you guys? How do you feel about "movie poster" covers? Love em, hate em, take or em or leave em? Indifference? 


  1. I find them generally pretty "meh". Except for The 100, I needed all of those covers because let's face it, the show is far superior. I think for the most part it's just a way to get people who liked the movie (or are just a fan of movies/actors in general) to recognize and buy the book. Which is fine, but for me personally, like you, I am going to go out of my way to buy the "regular" cover!

  2. I'm okay with them sometimes---if I'm not already attached to the original cover. I bought a copy of A Monster Calls because I found it at Half Price Books and I had a credit---it's a movie cover, but it still looks pretty artistic (it's not just a close-up of the MC's face---not a fan of those). Plus, I DO think it's good to get people who might not have otherwise read the book to buy it. In general, I'd go for the original cover, but I don't have a severe dislike for movie covers, I guess.

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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