Jan 23, 2020

Random Thursday

It's that time of year to dive into what I found interesting or wrong on my Disney Desk Calendar for 2019. Oddly I only found one "error" and the rest were simply interesting factoids. I did note two facts but yet I couldn't figure out heads or tails if I thought it was wrong or interesting...as neither seemed to be the case! Lol!

All right, my scanner wasn't cooperating with me when I wrote this post, so I had to do it the old fashion way! Lol.

Okay if you zoom in, you can see that the caption says: "The Wardrobe is bursting with energy and life. When the villagers attack the castle, she literally jumps into the fray, using all the tools in her drawers to fight back, including combs, brushes, and silly wigs!"

So what's wrong with this? The caption is accurate, as usual, yet it does not fit with the picture as usual with these bloopers. This scene above came from the newly added song, "Human Again" in the Special Edition version of the DVD back in 2002 (ish). Because think about it...why would the Wardrobe wear a dress and hat when she's about to kick some villagers butt?

(image borrowed from Oh My Disney)
Did you know The Aristocats was originally going to be a two-part, live-action TV special? But Walt Disney liked the cats so much he decided their story needed to be on the big screen!

(image borrowed from D23)
Mickey and the Beanstalk from Fun and Fancy Free (1947) was the last film where Walt Disney voiced Mickey Mouse.

(image borrowed from Disney Wiki)
The hidden valley where Rapunzel's tower prison lies was inspired by the Tangled filmmakers' visit to Rocamandour, a medieval village in France.

(image borrowed from Encyclopedia Britannica)
Walt Disney started working on the idea of Lady and the Tramp in the mid-30s but never found the right approach. In the late 40s he asked writer, Ward Greene to rewrite his story, "Happy Dan, the Whistling Dog, and Miss Patsy, the Beautiful Spaniel." And thus we got Lady and the Tramp--which is a lot easier to say by far! 

(image borrowed from YouTube)
I might have shared this one before, but did you know that the original title of The Lion King was "King of the Jungle?" But since the story focused on Simba's journey from a small cub to the eventual king, they thought the new title fit better.


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