Oct 13, 2020

The Second Annual: Creeptastic Giveaway!

This time I was prepared you guys. I made sure I re-signed up for emails for the Giveaway Hops but I guess maybe last year was the final year? Or the pandemic caused the host site to cease all giveaways? I don't know. I tried reaching out to them multiple times just to see if the hop was still happening but was ignored. So go figure.

But since the Halloween giveaway is my FAVORITE giveaway of the year, I decided I'd do my Creeptastic Giveaway again! Like the Spooktacular Giveaway except it's not a hop, it's just me! Lol.

I will give note that my household has been completely healthy during this chaotic time. We've been following all the rules and guidelines, we got our flu shots, so we're a healthy household. Just wanted to throw that out there since this is a giveaway and you know I've had this stuff in my closet for a month now...some things over a year, some erasers for SEVERAL years! Lol!

This year I had a helluva time trying to find my usual add-ons. I could not find my beloved canvas bags, but did dig this one up in my closet while cleaning and it's never been used! It was a past Owl Crate one and I thought it would be perfect for this giveaway! 

And yeah, the below picture is kind of sloppy. There's just no way to get everything in the shot and cut out the wall and mirror and all that normal junk! Lol!


Onto the prize...


You will get:

The book of choice this year is Diaries of A Haunting by M. Verano--this is a compilation of the first two books! I found these books to be pretty creepy and thought it would be a perfect Halloween read for this giveaway!
An adorable Bat Squishmallow--you know for when the book gets too scary and you need to squeeze something!
The aforementioned Owl Crate tote bag--never been used!
3 pairs of Halloween socks--as I forgotten that I had bought a pair last year half-price!
2 List pads, one with sticky tabs!
1 Spooky journal
5 Spooky pens
1 Sugar Skull change purse
1 Ghostly Glow Stick--give it a shake and it flashes lights! You know, to keep the monsters away!
1 Light up Skull Necklace
2 Skull bracelets--the last ones I have! Treasure them! ;)
1 Bath & Body Works anti-bacterial gel--the only spooky fragrance they had this year! And you know, highly useful for this year!
And of course, the plethora of mini erasers, you can't really use them, but they're just so darn cute!

As I've said, this is my FAVORITE giveaway, and I tend to go a little overboard! Lol! 


  • You must be 13 or older to enter or have a parent's permission. Also be advised that the chosen book contains some pretty heavy and scary stuff. The recommended age group is 14 and up, so just want to throw that out there too!
  • This is open to US addresses only! If you're international and have a US address you can use, you're in!
  • Also to note, the winner will have 48 hours to respond to my email to claim their prize or else a new winner will be chosen.
  • I'm ending my giveaway a little earlier this year, so if you respond quick to my email, I can mail your prize out on Halloween!

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