Jun 18, 2021

2021 Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag


This was my poor attempt to create a graphic for myself for the Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag! Lol. I didn't see one out for 2021 and thought, well I'd try throwing some text over a stack of books! So here we go! I'm just copying the questions I had from last year's post!

The Best Book I've Read So Far in 2021:

My Favorite Sequel of the Year:

A New Release I Haven't Read But Really Want To:

Most Anticipated Release For the Second Half of the Year:

I mean obviously! It's not even a question!

My Biggest Disappointment:

Biggest Surprise of the Year:

Truly chilling, creepy, and oh so shocking!

Favorite New-to-Me or Debut Author:

A new to me one, but this could be her first YA judging by Goodreads

A Book That Made Me Cry:

A Book That Made Me Happy:

Favorite Book-to-Movie Adaptation:

Do we have movies yet?

The Most Beautiful Book I Bought or Received This Year:

This one was tough. I guess this is a cover I thought was really pretty and creepy! Still need to read it though!

What Are Some Books I Need to Read Before the End of the Year:

I'm hoping to finish the Red Queen series and start/finish the Titan series!

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