Jun 10, 2021

Random Thursday


Let's have another enlightening round of learning about space from Shane Carley in True Facts That Sound Like Bull$#*t!

(image borrowed from EarthSky)

Multiple star systems are not uncommon, but scientists know of at least two systems that contain seven stars.

(image borrowed from Space)

Magnetstars are so magnetically charged that they could dissolve your entire molecular structure. But it's unlikely that we'd ever get close to one to worry about it.

That's still pretty freaky!

(image borrowed from Science Alert)

Scientists are able to identify rogue planets and have identified one such planet and named it CFBDSIR2149 and it's about one hundred light years away from out solar system.

Seriously, why aren't there more horror movies revolving around space? And not just the aliens attack our planet? Or are there such movies and I just ignore them because I don't want the nightmares? Lol.

(image borrowed from European Southern Observatory)

Did you know that scientists believe there are dark galaxies out in space? These would have to be made of almost entirely all dark matter. They haven't found one out in space, yet.

(image borrowed from Mental Floss)

Did you know that humans have sent things like sea urchin sperm, pictures of human sex organs, a pizza, and the remains of the guy who discovered Pluto into space?

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