Jun 18, 2021

Book Blogger Hop


This meme is hosted by Billy at Ramblings of a Coffee Addict!



This week's question is: How often do you post on your blog and/or social media? (submitted by Elizabeth @ Silver's Reviews

MY ANSWER: For my blog, every day! If not a review, at least a meme. Lately I've been bad about discussion posts...haven't found inspiration in that area. Or found a fun tag. I love the tags, but don't see them all too often these days.

With other social media...whooooboy, that's another issue! Lol! As I write this I've been bad with instagram lately. I lost inspiration in that area too. PLus there's a time factor. If I don't have inspiration, I can't take pictures because I'll stare at my stuff and not know what to do with it all. Hopefully I'll be on a better run when this actually posts! But yeah, things have been crazy during the week that by the weekend, I have been taking it easy. I run a few errands and I read or catch up on some TV shows. 

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