Nov 30, 2010

Cover Art--Carrie Vaughn

Was going to start writing my review for Desires of the Dead, but got distracted by MORE cover art! This time around it's for Carrie Vaughn! Cover art for BOTH Kitty's Greatest Hits and Kitty's Big Trouble!

No BOC description yet, according to All Things Urban Fantasy this one releases June 9, 2011! Nearly 10 days earlier than I originally thought! I had heard June 20, 2011, but now Amazon says June 28, 2011. Okay, now I'm really confused!! Argh! Two dates is bad enough, but now 3! 3!!! Well I guess it's safe to say that this one will release in June 2011, as to which EXACT date remains to be unclear.

And this one is an anthology. Not sure if I'll get this one. Will have to wait and see. Plus it's a HC. This one releases August 16, 2011.

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  1. I love the covers of this series! though im not much into anthologies, i cant wait for this one... Im very curious about the original short story about what happened with Cormac!

    damn it with the date confusion again =(((


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