Nov 16, 2010

Review--Faefever by Karen Marie Moning


When MacKayla Lane receives a page torn from her dead sister's journal, she is stunned by Alina's desperate words. And now MacKayla knows that her sister's killer is close. But evil is closer. And suddenly the sidhe-seer is on the hunt: For answers. For revenge. And for an ancient book of dark magic so evil that it corrupts anyone who touches it.

Mac's quest for the Sinsar Dubh takes her into the mean, shapeshifting streets of Dublin, with a suspicious cop on her tail. Forced into a dangerous triangle of alliance with V'lane, a lethal Fae prince, and Jericho Barrons, a man of deadly secrets, Mac is soon locked in a battle for her body, mind, and soul.

I am now a total addict of the Fever series!! Heck, I've been an addict since book 1! Karen Marie Moning's Faefever was astounding! I love how the series is all a continual thread with maybe a few weeks or days between books and it's also possible because I'm reading the first four back to back that makes it easier to follow along Mac's journey to remember things incredibly well!

Needless to say Faefever really picks up on the action and mystery as its predecessors have as well. Mac is still working with Barrons to find the evil book that was her sister's dying last request. Besides being the ultimate evil thing, we do eventually learn a little more about the book and its history which was rather interesting.

There is also more to come from the other group of sidhe-seers that work with Rowena, the old lady from way back in book 1 and 2 as well, who was a real you know what! 

I gotta say that I love Mac's narration! It really feels real, she really makes you believe that you're hearing her story. It also helps that she points this out in the prologue, but still when reading you feel like you're sitting across from Mac while she tells you her tale.

The action, like I said does pick up with more close encounters with the book. Then there is even more trouble brewing with the Fae and Mac is doing everything she can to prevent it from happening and getting as much help as she can.

Mac has developed into a totally different character from her first appearance in book 1, something she even points out, she is no longer the blonde concerned with her appearance or tan or any of the other selfish type qualities, she is really trying to save the world from a fate that they aren't even aware of just yet and still try to maintain some of her values from her "past" life that she held dear to her heart.

The romance is still more so tension between Mac and Barrons and V'lane. Both men are still a mystery to me and there is really no way to tell which guy you think she should end up with or who she will end up with. Sure I have a fairly good guess and I know who I want her to end up with which is likely the majority vote, but still you never truly know until the last page.

Overall I give the book 5/5 stars because it is seriously just that good. And I rather like the emphasis of romantic tension rather than just the straight romance. It's more interesting!

And the ending of this book is a real doozie! Be sure to have Dreamfever at the ready for when you finish this one! I did and boy was it a lifesaver!


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  2. Thanks for the review. 5/5, it can't get any better than that! You seem to be burning through these books. I read your other review on this series earlier this week. This series is already on my wish list!

  3. ok so I skimmed your review... but Im reading this series next, I Promise LOL glad to see the 5/5!! =D

  4. I think this book is my favorite of the entire series. Although, the beginning of the next book is pretty awesome. :)

    I know I might go crazy once I'm done with Dreamfever. The next book can't be out fast enough!


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