Nov 22, 2010

Cover Art--Vicki Pettersson

Saw the cover for Vicki Petterson's The Neon Graveyard which releases May 31, 2011! Can't wait to read this one, especially with the way Cheat the Grave ended!! Saw the cover originally at A Great Book is the Cheapest Vacation! Thanks for sharing the info Natasha!

The cover is a bit strange, because Jo doesn't look like her Olivia self anymore...wonder if this is still supposed to be her. Too many questions!!! Too long to wait!!! She still looks kick ass though! If you haven't read Cheat the Grave, be advised that the BOC description might be spoilery!

Though once the perceived savior of the paranormal underworld, Joanna is now just another mortal. Yet the dueling factions of Shadow and Light won’t leave her alone. And while she’s being hunted for her duality, she can’t afford to hide. Her lover – her future – is being held captive in Midheaven, the stronghold of a goddess, her greatest foe. Joanna will risk everything she’s fought for up until now in order to bring about the future she really wants, but that includes the prophesized apocalypse that will consume the valley if she fails.


  1. I hadnt thought of that! good call, she looks like Jo not Olivia!! Me wantz it! =P


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