Nov 8, 2010

Non-Book Related News

Was surfing the blogosphere this weekend and came across a few little tidbits that I wanted to share here as well! I don't have a lot of details or info to share but just the knowledge of it, is totally cool!

First off what has been announced already but I'll repeat Charlaine Harris's other series, the Harper Connelly series is going to be made into a TV show! And I saw it was someone from CBS, so I'm hoping that's the channel it will be on so I don't have to wait on the DVDs like I do with True Blood! Can't wait for this one to premiere but I remember when I first heard about True Blood, it was 2-3 years until it aired. So we'll see!

Next I saw on my "tour" was some release dates for movies that I can't wait to see next year! First off...

Captain Jack is back! Again! Hurrah! Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides comes to theaters May 20, 2011. So before Summer really!

The Green Lantern starring Ryan Reynolds! Loved him back in Waiting and I saw a preview for this awhile back and it looks pretty good so I'll be seeing it! I like some of the comic book movies, but not all, but this one I have to see!

And the release date for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 is July 15, 2011! Kind of glad that the last movie is in 2 parts and as they say they don't want to leave anything out. Me and my friend will see. She can remember more of the details than I can and we were kind of disappointed when Dobby wasn't there in the 4th one, but I saw him in the preview for Part 1, so Dobby returns!

After all Neville can't replace him there, especially with that one chapter title!

And the last bit of info I discovered was that the CW plans to make L.J. Smith's The Secret Circle into a TV show! That's two TV shows for L.J.! I never read this series by her, I was more interested in the vampires or her creepy stalker guy Julian from the Forbidden Game trilogy--my other fave of L.J.'s, probably even before Vampire Diaries! There wasn't a lot of details here, just the fact the CW wants to make it into a TV show. No actors. No release date or anything. But still the idea of it is pretty cool!

So that's what I found out due to my boredom! Some pretty good info and I wrote it all down so I can remember it for future use later when the movies or TV shows premiere!


  1. Nice finds! I hear ya about the True Blood DVDs. I'm in the same boat. And I was already aware of the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie... because it's important to stay up to date on the latest Johnny Depp movie. ;)

  2. I had heard of these and Im so excited! I Love The Secret Circle trilogy, actually all LJ's books are awesome and her VD series is her worst one, and i TOTALLY LOVE IT hheeh


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