Nov 23, 2010

Review--Twice Dead by Kalayna Price

Kita's new undead life as a rookie vampire immediately plunges her into the intrigues and feuds of Haven's vampire clans. Her extrasensory talents, left over from her previous life as a shapeshifter, make her both a prize and a threat. When someone beheads a vampire in the visiting entourage of the powerful Collector, Kita is the first suspect. She and her vampire master, Nathanial, must once again defend her innocence and find the killer, while eluding powerful enemies and battling their own increasingly complex attraction.

Finished Twice Dead by Kalayna Price today and it was just as exciting as the first one!! I truly didn't know what to expect besides what the BOC described and was thrilled to see more returning characters, such as Bobby and Gil. 

There were also a few new characters as well that played into the vampire murder mystery aspect which was done very well. I so didn't guess who the villain was, although I had some suspects and an inkingly of the real killer at one point, but still never made it my final conclusion.

The pacing was done rather well, for it had only been a short time between the novels, for Bobby is still there instead of returning home. And right away Kita is thrown into the thick of things, at the end of chapter 1 the first body is found and the mystery and chaos begin!

I truly loved seeing more development between Kita and Nathanial. OMG, I totally love Nathanial! He is so gentle and patient with Kita and it's clear that he cares for her. And there are quite a few intense moments between them, yet there were also some new problems that kept thrusting them apart as well which became really annoying because I wanted to see them together. But it was a good kind of annoying, not to say I was ever angry with the book, in fact I think when you get emotional over the book it proves it's a great read! And Twice Dead so was!!

And of course after the mystery was solved a new problem arised just at the ending, so now the wait to Third Blood is going to be torture! I don't even know its exact release date yet either. I thought it was supposed to be later this year, which is almost over, or at the beginning of next year.

Kalayna's Haven series is truly different from some of the other urban fantasy books I've read--although each book is always different in its own way. I'm a big reader and love each one for its own details and whatnot!--but I really like the idea that Kita's home, Firth, is a completely different world than ours. It's a whole other dimension and yet there isn't really the eerie Sci-Fi/Twilight Zone feel to it, it's more natural and yet we still havn't been to Firth yet. There's still a lot of mystery to be had here in this series and that's just part of its appeal.

Gil is still learning more about magic and Kita along the way, sometimes unwillingly, but still even being the reader you learn more and more about what is the world we know and details from Kita's mind about Firth. Both are different places entirely and it's just exciting!

Overall I have to give Twice Dead 5/5 stars because it was really truly that GREAT! I so can't wait for Third Blood and finally get a glimpse, well more than a glimpse, of Firth!! Yay!

*I received this book from Deborah Smith at Belle Bridge Books for review. Thanks again Deb!

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  1. Great review! I have yet to read this series, but it sounds awesome!

    Doesn't the woman on the cover look like Christina Applegate?? LMAO


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