Oct 28, 2014

ARC Review--Broken by Marianne Curley

Following the revelation that Ebony is an angel, and Nathaneal’s narrow victory in battle with Prince Luca, the two are enjoying their newfound love. But Ebony’s friend Jordan is bitterly angry that he has lost the girl of his dreams. Then suddenly Prince Michael arrives to arrest Nathaneal for breaking Avena’s law when he revealed his powers on Earth in his bid to save Ebony from Luca. Nathaneal is forced to return to Avena without Ebony to stand trial.

Jordan seizes the opportunity to plant doubt in Ebony’s mind about Nathaneal and her own angelic nature. Desperate to find out what has happened to her adoptive parents, Ebony is persuaded by Jordan to believe that new teacher Mr Xavier, who claims to be her uncle, can introduce her to her real father. Disaster inevitably follows and Ebony finds herself at the centre of another epic battle in the realm of Avena itself.

I received this ARC from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review, I was in no way compensated for this review.

I've loved Marianne Curley's books since the early days of Old Magic! A read I happily discovered one day at Waldenbooks--sob, Borders affiliate! And pretty much have been hooked to her words since that day! Her newest series, is a bit different than that and The Guardians of Time, but is still a magnificent story weaved together. Broken is the second installment in this Avena trilogy and things really start to ante up!

My memory, naturally, is pretty much shot over what happened last time, as that too was read as an ARC and much time and many, many reads have passed between then and now. But as always I try to carry through as best as I can. Ebony and Jordan are living with Nathaneal in the safe house so no one can get to Ebony who is proclaimed to be very special to the angel world. It's not long before Nathaneal is called away to accept his punishment over the events of last time. Leaving Jordan and Ebony on their own. Jordan still cares for Ebony and wants to be with her and it still under Prince Luca's thumb to break Ebony and Nathaneal apart.

Things are changing fast as Jordan learns that his mother may still be alive, an old enemy returns, and Ebony learns that she may have an uncle who knows who her real family is! But how much of all that is true? What's just a part of the enemy's plan to cause chaos and eventually bring Ebony to Skade? For Prince Luca has not given up on making Ebony his queen?

This read was a rush of excitement and thrills! Still being told in Nathaneal, Ebony and Jordan's points of view, we get the story told from all angles. Except the enemy's of course. I still can't help but not be into the romance between Nathaneal and Ebony. It just comes up so sudden in the last book and remains in this second one. Because they knew each other before they knew each other and twisting fate into the mix. It's like because they are destined to be together by some unknown fate, they love one another and "know" of these memories. Ebony's memories of such knowledge are sketchy at best, though she's still head over heels in love and Nathaneal has been head over heels in love from day one. Basically it comes down to a case of insta love but trying to say it's fate that draws them together.

Which kind of makes me want Jordan to be the one Ebony ends up with. For he fell in love with her, not just saw her and loved her or whatever. Though I can't honestly say we're looking at a love triangle or even if Ebony has those kinds of feelings for Jordan. It's a mess. I think I am just going to be very unhappy about the HEA ending come the final book, but oh well. The story is still good and that's all that matters!

Overall, Broken was yet another enjoyable read and I will continue to look forward to more magical reads from one of my favorite authors!

Overall Rating 4/5 stars

Broken releases November 4, 2014


  1. I haven't even heard of this series! I'm glad you enjoyed the sequel though! It definitely sounds like a series worth reading. The different perspectives and the insta-love could be negatives for me, but either way I think I'd give it a try! Great review :)

    Tracy @ Cornerfolds

  2. I am like you as I am having a hard time remembering what happened with the first one as it was so long ago and I just don't reread. Normally I just don't read angel books but I got the first one without paying close attention to what it was about and didn't realize it was angels, but it was still okay and so I figured I would continue to see what happens. I am with you and the romance as it just feels a bit rushed in the last one between those too...looking forward to reading this one a bit more now. :)


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