Oct 30, 2014

Random Thursday

So when striving for ideas for my Thursday posts, I got an idea from Tracy at Cornerfolds! She's a Disney lover too and I always love meeting other Disney fans, because while I love my books dark and scary so to speak with all the vampires, werewolves, demons, and you know all those dark creatures of the night bwhahahaha! 

I still wuv my Disney stuff too!

So yeah, I have a lot of little things. Most of them sit somewhere on my bookshelves! I have the lovely Peter Pan snowglobe, one of the last items I bought from my original Disney Store before they closed it. I LOVED this snowglobe because it reminded me of the ride at Disney World which is one of my faves. On the backside you see Nana and basically the inside of the window!

It lights up and plays You Can Fly!

Then there's squinkies, because those were soooo cool!
My Halloween Jim Shore of Mickey dressed as a ghost saying BOO!
The Jim Shore Haunted Mansion piece of the Hitchhiking Ghosts
Funko POP figures of Belle wearing glasses, Peter Pan that came with the BluRay I bought, Belle as a peasant, and mini Ariel and Aurora
Then there's the Itsy Bitsy of Tinkerbell and Vampire Mickey
And towards the end in between the miniature Pop of Aurora and Ariel is an Mickey Mouse Ear Hat ornament styled to Aurora's traits!

Second shelf there's a Goofy Vampire and Pluto Vinylmation
Jim Shore Beauty and the Beast
Belle Pez Dispenser
Belle Itsy Bitsy
Jessie Pez Dispenser
Mickey Nerd Vinylmation
Sliding boxes that have portraits from the Haunted Mansion!

Necklaces!! The first three are upcycled pins to become necklaces
A piece of Cursed Aztec Gold bwhahaha!
The Rose from Beauty and the Beast from the glass window look!

 Jim Shore Ariel statue that plays Part of Your world!
The Necklaces
Pascal beanie baby I got when I bought Tangled!
Stuffed Mickey Vampire
Belle beanie baby

Jim Shore Vampire Mickey Candy Dish
Jim Shore Tinkerbell
Jim Shore Aurora
A Beauty and the Beast box that shows her dancing with the prince! In its glass window look. Got this from Disney Movie Rewards, because yes, I am a member!
Another piece I bought from my original Disney Store before it closed: Davy Jones's chest from Pirates of the Caribbean that has an oversized piece of cursed Aztec Gold ornament style!
A plaque that has a Peter Pan quote
A makeup bag with Disney Princesses in comic strip format dramatized!
The home version of the Key to open the new Disney Store at our mall!
More squinkies!
And of course, Lil Mikey!

And there might be more items I forgot about because I am so used to seeing them around my room on a daily basis! So yeah...My name is Jessica, I'm a bibliophile, book addict, paranormal lover, and Disney lover and I have a problem...err, problems! LOL!


  1. Love your Disney stuff and slightly jealous- my girls would have moved all that stuff to their own room by now if it was in my house.

  2. OMG I love so many of these things! The Peter Pan snow globe is so unique! Where did you find it?? And your BatB Jim Shore piece is amazing! In fact, I love all your Jim Shore pieces. And the BatB box? Where did you find it? You know what, I just need an itemized list of all of these things and where to find them. :P Seriously though, awesome collection! And I'm honored to have inspired such a great post! Haha!

    In other news, I have a giveaway going on for a horror novel you might be interested in.

    Tracy @ Cornerfolds

  3. I love your Disney stuff too Jessica! My Dis side really shows in the kitchen. I've got a Mickey Mouse ice cube tray, Mickey Minnie salt/pepper shakers, and then a crapton of Disney photo frames! :) Going to Disney World is soo expensive for me because I gotta have it ALL. ^^

    Is your Belle wearing nerd glasses? I LOVE IT. I can't wait for Xmas, gotta get my Disney wrapping paper!!

    Amber Elise @ Du Livre

  4. Love to see Disney stuff. Disney makes me happy! I've got a few snowglobes and statues that I just love.

  5. So much Disney!! I lervvvvv it!

  6. Aww they're all so cute! I'm looking forward to having more space so that I can have a cute spot to cheer me up regularly ;-)


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