Oct 31, 2014

Early Review--Another One Bites the Dust by Chris Marie Green

Jensen Murphy is back in the spooky sequel to Only the Good Die Young.

Some people think that ghosts are spirits that refuse to go to the other side because they have unfinished business. Take my word—that’s true. I should know. I’m a ghost.

I was an ordinary eighties California girl, dead before my time, until psychic Amanda Lee Minter pulled me out of the time loop where I was reliving my death over and over. Now I’m Jensen Murphy, Ghost for Hire. I decided to put my spooky talents to use in helping Amanda Lee track down bad guys and killers (including my own).

It’s taken time to figure out exactly how that will work (our first case was definitely a learning experience for all involved), so when a young woman asks Amanda Lee for help convincing her best friend to leave a dangerously hot-tempered boyfriend, I’m ready and willing to use our collective powers on her behalf. But some people are dangerous not only to the living—especially when there are darker forces involved...

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review, I was in no way compensated for this review.

Another One Bites the Dust continues the story of Jensen Murphy, not-so-recently deceased, but yet a budding new ghost who has taken to crime-solving! Chris Marie Green brings us yet another delightful mystery that is packed with all the juicy goodness one expects from a mystery...crime, murder, and of course a ghost or two!

I couldn't quite remember everything from the first book, but for the most part, these mysteries seem to stand on their own. We have returning characters from the first book, which kind of played a part in my memory lapse, but we do get brief recaps from Jensen as she moves us along in her story. 

In this one we have a brand new "mystery" yet there's no real who-dun-it kind of crime, yet. A young woman, Heidi comes to Amanda Lee asking for help. Her best friend, Nichelle, is in a bad relationship and she believes the man, Tim, will do her serious harm. Yet Nichelle won't leave him. Jensen is to use her abilities to read people as a ghost and see if Tim is a threat or not and if so, to find a way to get Nichelle to see that and get away from him.

And naturally, Tim is quite the character. It reminded me a lot of nearly anyway movie or TV episode where you deal with a psychopath. He's logical, yet freaking scary as crap and has a past riddled with evidence to his behavior and a childhood that led to said behavior. A real scary dude who's obsessed with his girlfriend and pretty much other women too. So yeah, a real winner. All the while, Jensen and Amanda Lee still try to figure out who killed Jensen. Essentially there are two "cases" being worked. 

I really enjoyed this one! It packs a good punch in the mystery genre. The mystery itself is coupled with psychological themes and naturally, paranormal ones too! The continuance of Jensen adapting to her life as a "realized" ghost instead of being stuck in a time warp, and her interactions with other ghosts is pretty enjoyable. The other ghosts all have their own personalities coming from different time periods, they're a riot when all together!

There's still the matter of the dark spirit that's lurking about and we do get answers to who and what that is! There's still a bit of mystery about it though, and I think that will get more page time in the next book! Hopefully at least!

And then there's the mystery of the Fake Dean still. Not so much mystery, but as in his character. Who he is as well. What does he really look like. What's his deal with wanting to collect Jensen? There's some sparks flying between them that totally throws the notion that a ghost can't have a romantic life out the window! 

Chris brings us yet another incredible mystery packed with all the goodness of a paranormal read! It has shocks and thrills, throw in some humor and action and you have the makings of yet another great read! I can't wait to read the next one and see what else will be in store for Jensen in this series!

Overall Rating 4.5/5 stars

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  1. I really liked the first book and I'm looking forward to tackling this one! Ghost protagonist in UF, not something you see every day.

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum


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