Oct 23, 2014

Follow Friday

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This week's question is: Characters, sometimes our favorites, die during books. If you’d get to choose, who would you bring back?

MY ANSWER: Eep! This is going to be a spoilery one! But I am keeping the ones I mention to be older books, but still apologies if you aren't up to date on them all. 

But this first one should be on everyone's list I think!

Pretty much ALL of our HEROES from Harry Potter! Anyone who basically wasn't evil or a Death Eater and all that jazz, I want them back and alive!

Most definitely Gabriel! OMG! I was so heartbroken over his death! I couldn't believe it! It had to be re-read in those moments because I was in denial!

Mason, because that was yet another death I didn't see coming and cut me deep! He was so sweet and we barely got to know him before he was killed!

And perhaps the biggest one that still chokes me up...

Kisten! I will always miss you!! I was in tears for this one! And I did need to re-read those paragraphs another time or two, because I was like no. No, he's not gone! He CAN'T be gone!! But yes, he was! Sob!

And there's another one I want to mention but won't. A popular dystopian YA trilogy that ended with the most shocking of all deaths! If you've read it, you know which one I mean. I was one of the few--I feel like--that didn't hate the series afterwards or was mad at the author. I accepted it, but I was still in tears. Balling like crazy. I'd bring back that person and make sure the ending was more HEA!

And one more I won't mention as well since it just released this year, a trilogy I just picked up this year in fact. The death shocked me to my core! I was in denial--a popular theme when it comes to character deaths!--and kept expecting for this character to bounce back up. But no, no it did not happen. I cried my woes to the author when I met her this year as well. But yeah, that character would sooooo come back and have a HEA ending as well! 


  1. OMG, you spoiled everything...no..LOL JKing but this is sort of a spoilery one for those who haven't read those series yet...for HP I would say Prof. Snapes as he was my favorite character!!! I was sooooooooooooo mad. Haven't read those other series you mentioned. I am really curious about the popular Dystopian that someone dies in..I don't read much dystopian and I want to know...lol. :) (If it's the series I think it might be I didn't like that series so only read first book..lol)

  2. You know I'm totally with you on Harry Potter. There were so many, but I just went with Dumbledore because I was most saddened by his death. :( Old follower!

    Here's my F&F!

  3. Such an incredible series!
    Amazing review, Jess!

  4. Ooops! Wrong post! Meant this for Shadow and Bone!

  5. I absolutely agree with the HP characters. I haven't read the other books so I can't relate on those.
    New GFC follower.
    Monique @ Mo_Books

  6. Lol I forgot to include Mason from The Vampire Academy series and the Harry Potter heroes.

    Old follower.
    My FF
    ~Karina@Watcha Reading

  7. Haha, I like that you said you'd just bring back all the good dead characters from HP. Nice.

    Old Follwoer

    Kat @ Readiculous Blog

  8. I haven't read any of these, so I can't relate, but they look great! That counts, right?!

    Old follower just hopping on through!
    Kristen @ One Chapter Ahead

  9. Great picks! I can totally understand why you'd bring back all the people from HP, because HP is just too awesome :) However I've grown out of the fandom but I do plan on rereading the series soon!

    Here's my FF:

    Feature Friday

    Olivia @ Fictionally Obsessed

  10. Yeah, I didn't think of HP, but I was SO devastated at the end of book 5. And it only got worse from there. Thanks Jessica! :D

  11. I can't say much for the other characters since I haven't read the books, but I completely 100% agree with your HP choices.

  12. Definitely agree with you on Mason! He was such an amazing character and he did not deserve to die!

    New GFC follower!
    Aurélie @ http://exploringpages.blogspot.be/2014/10/ff-feature-follow-if-i-die-young.html


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