Oct 2, 2014

Random Thursday

Remember in Jaws, when the shark was attacking Hooper's cage because he dared to go into the cage into the water where the big a$$ shark was swimming?

Well did you know that some of those shots of the shark were a REAL shark?!

Since Bruce was uncooperative at the best of times, besides using the camera to "be the shark" and not ever really showing the monster wreaking havoc on the beach. Ron and Valerie Taylor filmed sharks in Australia and it was used in the film during this scene.

Because real sharks are smaller than the movie one, a smaller cage was used and a small mannequin or little person was inside for filming. 

One of the Great Whites actually got caught in the cage's cables and tore it apart trying to get free. The footage was so good that the scrip was CHANGED to reflect this scene with the destroyed cage and Hooper swimming away to hide.


  1. Hmm. I did not know that. I remember watching these movies with my grandpa when I was little. Scarred me for life. Still don't like open waters. :P


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