Oct 23, 2014

Random Thursday

So this will be the last Jaws fun fact for you all! Know you might have been getting tired of all these little tidbits, but I found them intriguing and hence the reason why they got their own post! ;)

JAWS went on to become the biggest picture of all time--at that time. Surpassing the $100 million mark which had never been done before! Remember this is 1975!

Over 6.7 million viewers saw Jaws during the summer of 1975 making it the first ever summer blockbuster!

And as the previews liked to say, (or something pretty darn close!) "making you fear to go in the water!" Although as we learned, people actually went to the water MORE after this one in Martha's Vineyard. So weird! I wouldn't be anywhere close to that ocean line after seeing this movie, and I still won't ever go into the ocean!

But there was this one time on my senior spring break trip overseas, we were going to tour Capri, an island off of Sorrento, and we were told we could either wait to ride in this kind of boat:

Or go NOW in this kind of boat:

Except ours was longer to hold more people. 

And guess which one the group decided they wanted to ride? Yup, this one! I was freaking out for awhile until we saw some of the sights! But then I hear our tour guide tell some of the guys "don't put your hand in the water! You'll attract the blue sharks!" Yeah, that didn't make me even more paranoid or anything and I sooo wasn't thinking of Jaws eating that boy scouts leader in his rowboat!

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  1. That's really interesting. I loved Jaws! The sequels weren't so great, but the original was a masterpiece! Richard Dreyfuss was wonderful! Was that his first movie? He was really young. Anyhow, great post! That's funny about your trip too, made me chuckle.


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