Oct 10, 2014

Review--The Death Cure by James Dashner

It’s the end of the line.
WICKED has taken everything from Thomas: his life, his memories, and now his only friends—the Gladers. But it’s finally over. The trials are complete, after one final test.
Will anyone survive?

What WICKED doesn’t know is that Thomas remembers far more than they think. And it’s enough to prove that he can’t believe a word of what they say.

The truth will be terrifying.

Thomas beat the Maze. He survived the Scorch. He’ll risk anything to save his friends. But the truth might be what ends it all.

The time for lies is over.

The Death Cure concludes James Dashner's truly epic Maze Runner trilogy, though not completely the end. For now we can journey to the beginning that is WICKED and see how the maze and basically everything came into fruition. This is definitely one dystopian series that gave me the chills, seeing this imagined travesty wreck society. At least let's hope it remains imagined!

Once again Thomas and his friends find themselves at the mercy of strangers. This is time it's WICKED who rescues them, or again and for real. They are offering what Thomas and the others have wanted for awhile...their memories. Yet lately, Thomas has been feeling that he doesn't want his memories back, due in part that he once helped WICKED. He doesn't want to remember that part of himself. Minho and Newt agree as well and decline WICKED's offer while everyone else accepts. This is when we start to see some problems begin anew, and WICKED slowly shows its true colors.

After making yet another harrowing escape, the boys find themselves separated from their friends as they try to figure out their next move. It's at this point where I feel the story begins to drag. The once fast-paced, heart-racing pace soon turns into a sort of scattered jog with highs and lows. While in part some things are interesting and we're learning some things as well, it just sort of mellowed out for me. I couldn't figure out what Thomas, Minho, Newt, Jorge, and Brenda were going to do. Would they join Teresa and everyone else who gained their memories back? It was just puzzling. We did learn a few things about Brenda and Jorge though that made it a little more intriguing.

The group soon finds themselves in Denver, a city trying to survive the Flare. It's here that the gang finds more than one source of help. Eventually they team up in order to bring WICKED down once and for all.

The ending is when things really start to ante up with the action and danger! There were other noteworthy moments leading up to this one but they were few and far between. The ending was so action packed. So intense and spin tingling. There are plenty of battles and other dangerous encounters that really keep you on your toes until the final end. Dashner really packs a punch which this ending too! I wasn't expecting such shocks.

A few things nagged at me in this one though. We never meet the brains behind the operation. At the end of the novels we get an email from Chancellor Ava Paige; for someone so pivotal to WICKED, I would've thought she get some page time, get some answers from her. But alas I am left wanting. Perhaps this is where the prequel comes in. According to Goodreads a second prequel comes out in 2016, so maybe it's meant to be another trilogy. Maybe we'll ever get to Thomas and Teresa's roles in it all.

Despite some hangups I had with this one, it redeemed itself in the end. The Maze Runner was an exciting trilogy though lacks a little bit in the detailed answer area. But as I said, I'm hoping the prequel(s) will provide some answers. All in all, this is definitely an exciting and thrilling series and I so have got to see the movie now!

Overall Rating 3.5/5 stars

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  1. I thought the first book was the best. I have not read the prequil and some day will. I don't remember much from this series unfortunatley and think I will re-read on day but not sure. I know I adored the first one and after that kind of lost what it was about in my memory. I read the first and listened to the 2nd and 3rd so it may have been the narrator and I would love to read them on my re-reads. great review.


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