Apr 18, 2016

10 Live Action Disney Movies to Come!!

Whoa! Mind blown! I heard about a few of these movies that Disney had in the works, but not all. And I am definitely excited for these!!

I found this article on Yahoo which then took me to Screen Rant! Marc N. Kleinhenz wrote this and I also borrowed the pictures from the article just to give you the right idea of what's going down. I'll basically just tell you what movies are being planned and if you'd like to read the article in full, click here!


Apparently Reese Witherspoon will produce and star in it. Whether or not she's Tink herself is a little unclear. But this one basically might serve as a prequel to Peter Pan. I guess we can think of it as a live action version of the Tinker Bell movies that currently release direct to DVD.

2. Prince Charming

Shockingly this is not about Cinderella's Prince Charming, but his brother. The one we never knew about!

3. Genies

Here's another prequel for us! I remembered reading about it vaguely, in the Aladdin article I shared with you all the past two weeks! We will hopefully learn how all the genies became imprisoned in the lamps. And there's also hush hush of a possible live action Aladdin!!

4. Cruella

I guess this too will be another origin story, like Maleficent. But then I wonder if we were told the story of 101 Dalmatians wrong as well! Not much else is known besides a screenwriter is on the case!

5. Pinocchio

Surprised to see another one being made, but I guess this generation of kiddos might not realize who JTT is!

6. Winnie the Pooh

Another I only vaguely remember hearing about. Might be interesting to see what they do film wise.

7. Dumbo

I remember hearing about this one too, because Tim Burton is at the helm! Definitely makes me wonder what tone this one will take! Bad enough I am brought to tears with the original. Tim will likely have me freaked out!

8. Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers

I so remember this show!! Definitely will be looking out for this one!

9. The Sword in the Stone

I was never a big fan of this one. I think I only watched it a handful of times as a kid. But if it looks good, I'm still likely to see it in theaters!

10. Night on Bald Mountain (Fantasia)

Whoa. Just whoa! Totally didn't know about this one. And according to Marc, he thinks it might be Disney's biggest risk with all the live action movies. I think it would be awesome though!

So what do you all think? Have you heard about any of these? I think I knew about around half. They all sound rather exciting too! I am pretty much all for these live action remakes of the cartoon classics. How about you guys?

And please do check out the full article. There are more details regarding writers and possibly a lead actor, but not many that I really noticed. I think more of the name dropping came from producers and writers and such. But you'll still get some extra deets that I might have left out! This was purely me just letting you all know what's hopefully to come in the years...to come!


  1. A lot of surprising one but I look forward to them! And I totally know who JTT is LOL!!

  2. I watched Fantasia 1946! I didn't expect this one to get a movie! (though I am sure I used him as a character in my fanfic Disney story LOL)!

  3. Oooh I want to see them all :D :D :D

  4. I'm going to be a negative nancy and reject half of these. Disney has been too focused on remakes lately!

  5. I definitely want to see the story of Prince Charming's brother. Disney had a lot of success with the live action of Cinderella and the new Jungle book movie, I loved them both ..... definitely on board with what they throw at us next.

    Aparajita @Le' Grande Codex


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