Apr 21, 2016

Random Thursday

So while doing some internet surfing one day, I found yet another awesome article featuring a talented artist, Loryn Brantz did whatever talented people like her can do, and re-imagined Disney villains without their makeup! I never really realized how heavily some of these villains lapped on their makeup...but daaaaaamn!!

As I said, Loryn Brantz is the artist with the talents to imagine these pictures below, and the article was written by Kelsey Stiegman! Here's the article should you wish to read it in full.

The Evil Queen
Dang! Look at the before and after of her eyebrows! So intense!

Didn't realize her mole was makeup induced! LOL!

Villains are apparently fond of heavy eyeliner and eyebrow pencils!


  1. Haha, I love this!! They need to do this to the princesses now! :D

  2. Wow! They look very different. Not so sure that the mole was make-up though.

  3. wow makeup does make a person. Great post.

  4. *whistles* They don't even LOOK evil without makeup...

    ~ Sophia @ Bookwyrming Thoughts and In Wonderland

  5. :D They'd all be so different without their make up!

  6. So great... I look like this with no make-up. It's quite scary.


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