Apr 20, 2016

Makeovers All Around!

It seems a set of makeovers is happening over the web! First I stumbled upon the new Rita Repulsa who will star in the Power Rangers reboot movie and then apparently Mickey and Minnie Mouse got new makeovers!! I am put into a tizzy until I see them!

First off, Rita Repulsa. Power Rangers, my beloved 90s addiction (other than all the Nicktoons and Nick Shows) is being "rebooted" in movie format. And while I tend to find it hard sometimes to see my beloved shows being revamped so thoroughly, a part of me does get excited. It's like the book to film scenario. You want to see it, but fear it too because of all the changes and cuts that might be made!

But let's move on...

Below you'll find how Rita Repulsa looked in the 90s, I borrowed this picture from the Rita Repulsa page on Wikipedia. Yes, she has her own page!! :D

There sadly, wasn't any full body shots to get the whole idea of her, but check out how much she's changed in this picture borrowed from the Yahoo article which was borrowed from EW:

Rita actually looks rather villainous now! Like the article mentions, she does kind of resemble Poison Ivy a little bit too. I wonder though if her outfit here is more leotard or will be more gown like, like it was on the show! She actually looks like a more formidable foe now! On the show, I always felt like she was just a loud mouth ranter! LOL! It was Lord Zed who was a little more terrifying to me!

Here's the Yahoo article by Donna Dickens who gives you a little more deets on the new Rita Repulsa!

And just as I finished reading this one, I read one that sent chills up my spine! Mickey and Minnie Mouse were getting a makeover at Disney World/Land. Moreso for their appearances throughout the park (I assume) or shows (again assuming this still happens, it's been over 12 years since I last visited. Something that will be rectified this JULY!!! HUZZAH!!!)

So here's the picture that will reassure you all the change isn't much! I borrowed this from the article by Rachel Paige which was borrowed from @DisneyMoi Twitter account:

Yeah...I breathed a sigh of relief after that headline! LOL!


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  1. I had a tiny heart attack when you said they revamped Mickey and Minnie but it looks like they realized that can't change it too much :) I do like Rita''s new look although they're clearly going with the whole darkness/grunge/angst theme which every superhero film seems to go with! Great post :D
    Juli @ A Universe in Words


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