Apr 14, 2016

Random Thursday

Time to learn the last 5 intriguing factoids regarding the movie Aladdin!!

Again, I shall credit all this info to the article I found here, written by Mike P. Williams!!

Sadly Aladdin was turned down for an Oscar nominee for Best Adapted Screenplay because Robin William's Genie character had ad-libbed so much. He amassed about 16 hours worth of material.

Aladdin was the first animated movie in history to make more than $200 million!

One of Patrick Stewart's biggest regrets was turning down the role of Jafar. There was a conflict in scheduling with Star Trek: Next Generation that prevented him from taking on the voicing role.

Aladdin sold 10.8 million copies of the VHS when it came out, in its first week! It went on to shift 25 million and held the record until two years later when The Lion King came out! 

Wow!! And VHS!!! God I feel old!! LOL!

Because what's life without a little David Bowie?
In one of the early story boards or plot ideas, there was going to be two genies! One in a lamp, one in a ring. And they both (assuming) would grant infinite wishes! 
I see complications with that...of course I think this now upon hearing the rejected idea. But seriously?! Would one be "evil" or what? It's too complicated!! LOL!


  1. Robin Williams was n acting genius. I can understand why there was no Academy Award nominee...

  2. Nawh, you're not old. My childhood was FULL of VHS - Sleeping Beauty, Aladdin, Pocahontas....

    If there were two genies, there would definitely be complications. With a sequel or two along with it (and more complications).

    ~Sophia @ Bookwyrming Thoughts and In Wonderland

  3. Didn't know any of that! I <3 Disney!

  4. I bought the VHS and it got a lot of use around my house. My girls loved this movie. You think you are old. I remember a time that VHS didn't exist and then it was a choice of VHS and Beta.

    Fun post! I never knew that Patrick Stewart turned down the role. He would have been great!

    Carole @ Carole's Random Life


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