Apr 7, 2016

Random Thursday

Time for some DISNEY fun!! I got a good amount of Disney factoids to dish out over the next few weeks! First up; some things you may or may not know about Disney's Aladdin!! 

All these factoids are taken from an article I found on Yahoo some weeks...months ago!! The credit of these factoids goes to Mike P. Williams! (ie the only name I could find on the article!)

Apparently, this peddler guy (right) we see in the beginning, was originally meant to be the genie!

I actually always wondered that! Since there's similarities in their faces and of course the voice!

In order to get Aladdin's pants right, down to the movement and all that...animators used old videos of MC Hammer for inspiration!

Apparently in the beginning, Jafar and Iago had switched personalities!! Meaning Jafar was the hothead with the big mouth and Iago was the smooth, sinister sort.

Yeah...definitely like the change better!

Strangely, Robin Williams and Gilbert Godfried never crossed paths during filming! They apparently did their recordings separately and were never together! But apparently, they did do stand up together before the movie!

The film producers had hopes that early audiences would clap after some of the musical numbers and when they failed to do so, one of the animators added the illuminated "applause" words after the Genie's big number, "Friend Like Me" and that was apparently all the hint audiences needed!!

Stay tuned for next week for the remaining five factoids to this topic!! And next week I will include the link as well!


  1. I thought as a kid that Aladdin's pants looked like MC Hammers! Great facts!

  2. Love this! Disney facts are my favorite and I love the theory that the peddler is really the Genie :)

  3. I love this movie! I have heard the fact about the peddler before but the rest are new.

    Carole @ Carole's Random Life


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