Apr 7, 2016

Going to RT 20161? Lucky you! Be sure to Check out C.J. Redwine--Here's an Interview!

Next to Disney World and the bookstore, the happiest place on Earth is wherever the RT Booklovers Convention is being held! Lol! So yes, it changes yearly! Sadly, I cannot attend this year, but look out Atlanta, because in 2017 I'm coming for you! ;)

In preparation for the HUGELY AWESOME and AMAZING week of INCREDIBLINESS (yes, that's a word for these purposes ;) ) I've got a special interview with C.J. Redwine to share with you! I still need to read The Shadow Queen, but I SO cannot wait to do so! Check it out!

Q. What are you looking forward to at Romantic Times? 
A. I love talking to readers, so I can't wait to hang out with people who understand why I have eight full bookcases in my house and need to buy a ninth.

Q. Which author that you haven’t met are you looking forward to meeting next at Romantic Times? 
A. Cindy Pon! I've talked with her often online, but we've yet to meet in person, and we'll be sitting next to each other at the big book signing. I'm geeked!

Q. What’s your favorite romance story? 
A. I'm really into THE WINNER'S CURSE trilogy by Marie Rutkowski. If you love romance, fantasy, and political intrigue, then you really need to get your hands on these books. They're incredible. 

Q. Romantic Times is in Las Vegas this year - tell us which one of your characters and from which book would win big in Vegas? What advice would you give that character?
A. Prince Kol from THE SHADOW QUEEN would win big because he's a risk-taker, and his charm masks how competitive he really is. My advice to him would be a) don't drink everything they put in front of you this time and b) no shifting into your dragon form inside the casinos. Even to impress the ladies.

Q. What is up next for you? 
A. Next up is book two in the Ravenspire series--stand alone dark epic fantasies inspired by fairy tales. It's the story of the next chapter in Rumpelstiltskin's life. He'll grant you the deepest desire of your heart, but in ten years, he'll return for your soul. 

To all those going to RT this year have LOTS of fun and prepare for a totally awesome week!! And just know that I'll be at work envying you all every day! ;)


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