Nov 9, 2016

Fantastic Disney Art!!

I don't know any girl who's ever not had body issues. Sadly, it's a fact of life for us girls. And yeah, we can blame the media and dozens of other avenues and how ungodly inhumane they show body images. Such as Barbie, and yes, even our beloved Disney princesses.

Well today on Yahoo, this article caught my FULL attention because it's Disney, naturally! And I must say I quite enjoyed it!

This artist recreated Disney princesses to be gorgeous, curvy princesses instead of stick figures. (I still love my Disney princess crew, don't get me wrong, but yeah, their bodies were drawn so terribly thin and disproportionate. I don't know who's more crudely idealized, them or Barbie!)

I think they look stunning! And the modernized outfits are pretty cool too! I agree with the article in saying that Disney needs to have a full sized princess. It took them awhile to diversify with princesses from other cultures other than Europe based ones, and it's still a slow progress, but we're getting there. 

If however slowly, I am sooo excited to see Moana since she's not a typical princess either, but more like how Pocahontas is considered a princess too. From what I gathered about the movie, I haven't really seen much to say what her role on the island that she lives on is. Though I argue that we can consider Pocahontas a princess since she's the chief's daughter and the chief rules the tribe. Loosely founded ground, you could say, but still princess in a way! LOL!--totally did not mean to make that rhyme!! But yes, Moana looks like an insanely good movie! I wish I could say I'd see it Thanksgiving day after dinner, but sadly, I cannot. I have to work that Friday afterwards. Ugh.

But I am derailing myself, as I tend to do! Here's the link to the full article which was pretty enlightening! There's a few extra sketches, but I would recommend following @jonquelart on Instagram to see more!! They're gorgeous!!


  1. I get why there is modern clothes, to show the differences yet I felt that it somehow took away from the point.

  2. How neat! I like seeing different versions of our beloved princesses. I agree, Pocahontas is arguably a princess as well. I'm so sorry you have to work Friday!


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