Nov 22, 2016

Mini Review--Shattered Glass by Maria V. Snyder

While trying to teach her adopted daughter, Reema, how to work with molten glass, Opal receives a letter from Master Magician Zitora Cowan requesting Opal's immediate help. Zitora resigned from the Sitian Council over two years ago to search for her lost sister, and no one has heard from her since. The letter is probably a trick, but Opal refuses to pass up the opportunity to help her mentor, who may be in genuine trouble. Good thing Opal isn't that easy to fool. With her two soldier friends Nic and Eve providing backup, the three travel to a small town in the Jewelrose Clan. But can they rescue the Master Magician without being caught in the same trap? 

As soon as I heard that Maria V. Snyder had a novella out I immediately went to Amazon and bought my copy of Shattered Glass! I am a HUGE fan of Maria’s and if she’s going to have more books/stories out based in her Study world, I am soooo going to be there! Shattered Glass brings us back to Opal at last and we get to go on quite the adventure with her!

It’s been ages since I last caught up with Opal and her story! Though I do remember bits and pieces of it and the more important part of how everything ended and where she was at with HEA ending. She and Devlen are married. The man who had kidnapped her and tormented her, is no more. He’s a changed man and I truly, truly love that! I love seeing characters change like this. But that’s not where our story lies, I just wanted to mention it because I got all swoony with how much Devlen loves Opal. Lol.

Moving on, Opal received a letter from Zitora who she hasn’t heard from in over two years. She was going to find her sister when last we heard from her. She has found her, but things are not quite happy as she would’ve hoped and she needs Opal help in helping her sister. Opal decides right away to make the journey to see her with Nic and Eve in tow, but before they can leave they are waylaid by a pack of soldiers. Narrowly escaping them they travel far to not a kingdom, but what’s almost like an enclosed compound. There they find Zitora and her sister who is sick and being held captive by her husband who’s a bit overly paranoid.

And so begins the action and adventure as Opal and her friends try to devise a plan to help Zelene and her sons escape. Though a short story, Maria still knows how to incorporate everything that I love about her books, there’s spine-tingling romance, a round of laughter, and a heaping amount of kick butt action! It was amazing!! And though I should’ve been warned ahead of time in some ways, I was not prepared for that ending! Things are wrapped up to a nice conclusion for the most part, but Maria couldn’t help but leave us with a cliffhanger! One that just leaves your jaw hanging, no less! From what Maria has said, things will be continued in Dawn Study! So I cannot wait even MORE for that one to come out soon!!

This is a MUST read for all Study and Glass fans! It definitely helps keep me somewhat sated until Dawn Study releases, though I really want more. So I guess in the long run, it only made me need Dawn Study more! Lol! I loved it though, so it’s no hardship. It’s truly a remarkable read!


Overall Rating 5/5 stars

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