Nov 24, 2016

Random Thursday--Thanksgiving Day Edition!

Happy Turkey Day everyone! Hope you're all enjoying the holiday! I'm trying, but I'm dreading about going to work tomorrow. One downside to my job. I can't request Black Friday off. Ugh. This is when I get all my Xmas shopping nearly finished. And by sitting at my desk with nothing to do, because there usually isn't anything for me to do but a few things that are done within an hour, my Xmas list gets longer and longer because I can't buy the things NOW. Okay, ranting over! Sorry about that! ;)

Here are some fun Thanksgiving facts that I found at Coolest Holiday, called Coolest Thanksgiving Facts! Just click the link to read all the factoids! I just picked a few here!

  • Thanksgiving wasn't declared a national holiday until 1941. It was then that Congress decided that every fourth Thursday in November would be Thanksgiving.--that's just odd! I still don't get why it's on the fourth Thursday! 
  • Turkeys have heart attacks! When the Air Force conducted test runs and breaking the sound barrier, fields of turkeys would literally drop dead!--sooo odd!
  • 91% of Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving--I'm in the 9% myself! Yeah...I'm weird!
  • Thomas Jefferson thought that Thanksgiving was one of the most ridiculous things that he ever heard of!
  • Benjamin Franklin wanted to make the national bird a turkey!--definitely would look odd on the quarter!
  • One of the popular symbols of Thanksgiving is corn!--never would've guessed that!
  • 50% of Americans will put the stuffing inside of the turkey on Thanksgiving--and once again we are in the the OTHER 50%! Lol.
  • Turkeys were one of the first animals in America to be domesticated
  • The First Thanksgiving lasted for three days--and Congress decided to short change us I see!
  • The Guinness Book of Records marks that the largest turkey weighed 86 lbs and was at the heaviest turkey contest in London, England in 1989--dang!!!


  1. Since I'm a pescetarian, I'm also in the 9% :-) So, I'm with you. Thank you, Jessica, for your posts throughout the year. I always enjoy reading them. My son is working today and all weekend. But... at least today and tomorrow he's at the happiest place on earth! Greetings from Florida...

  2. Oh I love your random Thanksgiving facts! Happy Thanksgiving Jessica! :)
    Miranda @ Miranda's Book Blog

  3. I’m also in the 9%. We’re having turkey for Christmas, but I had BBQ yesterday.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!


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