Aug 26, 2017

Discussion Challenge: My Disney Netflix!

So the news is that Disney is making their own television/movie subscription service. I'm calling it Disney Netflix for the moment! It's easier to say! LOL! This had me reeling! Obviously it won't be ALL Disney movies and whatnot for I believe their other networks like A&E, maybe ABC and Freeform if I read right, will have their shows on there too. Only time will tell. I think it was 2019, but there are things I want to see on it. Things I NEED to see on it!

My Disney Netflix

So basically I want to do a rundown of shows I want to see on this subscription service. If they have them, they have my money because I will be sooo in! I've been dying for DVDs of some of these for years but alas they have left me in wanting!

So Weird--who doesn't remember this show?! It was freaking awesome! I was young and loving paranormal books as I just discovered my first handful and this show had it ALL! I even learned about new folklore. I NEED THIS SHOW BACK IN MY LIFE!

Even Stevens--this is where Shia LeBouf got his start! Who didn't love Lewis and Ren?!

Lizzie Mcguire--Hilary Duff was a cute kid! I mean Casper Meets Wendy, OMG! So adorable! And I loved Lizzie Maguire. She definitely fits the bill of your average teen more than other shows did!

The Little Mermaid Series, The Aladdin Series--was I the only one who watched these?! I looooved them! My mom used to record them for me when I was little. I may even still have some of those VHS tapes!

Disney Channel Movies from the 90s: Zenon anyone? Quints? Halloweentown? All those awesome movies that basically predated High School Musical. Basically once that one came out, EVERY movie seemed to be about singing. I can only handle so many music numbers when I watch a movie.

Mickey Cartoons--let's go wayyy back to the beginning even! Steamboat Willie, then moving into color episodes!

How about some original Duck they are revamping that one soon I heard. Gummi Bears too would be fun!

Oooh even better, how about like once a month you get to watch 1 or maybe a handful of a Disney movie that's locked in that wretched vault!! 

See, I've got ideas!! They just need to call me so I can tell them what to do! LOL! 


  1. Oh my gosh! I love these shows!! I wouldn't mind paying for a Disney subscription if it had all my favorites! :)

  2. Oh my gosh, I used to watch DuckTales all the time as a kid. I loved the cheesy song at the beginning. haha! I wish there was a way to get ALL of the classic Disney movies on Netflix. I loved them so much and I would love to watch them all with my daughter

  3. My only problem with this is they are taking shows from netflix and I can't afford to buy another subscription channel as I have like 5 right now. :(

  4. I'm too old for Disney shows mostly---meaning that I didn't watch them as a kid, not that I'm too old to watch them now. :-)

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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