Aug 8, 2017

Review--Seduced by Fire by Erin Kellison

Dragon shifter Ryder Magnus is living a lie. In order to search for lost and forgotten treasure, he lives secretly among humans, posing as a professor of antiquities. When his cover is blown—in front of a classroom of students, no less—he is determined to find the Bloodkin responsible and make them pay.

Bloodkin Aura Ortiz is in a race against time. She must find the powerful Bastard’s Eye before it falls into the wrong hands. When a viral video surfaces of Ryder, smoking with anger and on the verge of a shift, she can’t believe her luck. No one hunts treasure better than he does. If he won’t do it for friendship—that had gone up in flames years ago—will he do it for vengeance?

Aura gets under Ryder’s skin like no other woman—she always has. Their collaboration re-ignites old passions and sets Ryder on a hunt of his own…Aura herself.

As they delve deeper into darkness, their adversaries multiply. Knowing whom to trust is the difference between life and death. Can they put the past behind them and blaze a trail through danger to forge a future together?

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest and voluntary review. I was in no way compensated for this review.

Erin Kellison’s Seduced by Fire is the third book in the Dragons of Bloodfire series! In this one, we once again meet new characters and set off on a different adventure as well. Though the theme does seem to be about meeting the dragon who will be the third and final member of the Triad.

Here we meet Ryder, a dragon, who while teaching his class one day had a bit of an episode. He was overtaken by a memory from his past except when he was seeing it, he noticed an interloper. Someone had entered the past to observe a meeting he had with a few other dragons. And it was while this was happening, he lost control of his dragon side and naturally, several of his students started to record his outburst. They are calling him a wolf, which he finds a bit insulting, nevertheless there’s a problem at hand.

Then we have Aura, another dragon, who’s in a bit of a bind as well. Her mother-in-law, Xanthippe, still blames Aura for her son’s death. Alexander wasn’t a full-blooded dragon, yet he and Aura married anyway. Then he died in an accident, one that Xanthippe blames Aura for full-heartedly. But Aura’s main problem is a shadow creature that’s been chasing her. She needs to find the Bastard’s Eye—a powerful stone—that can help put an end to all her troubles. Except, she doesn’t know where to find it. And Ryder happens to be an expert treasure hunter.

Aura manages to convince Ryder to help her find the Eye. They pick up a few tagalongs in the form of a teenage wolfkin who came looking to Ryder hoping the rumors were true, and Ryder’s coworker plus his family in tow as they set off to find the clues that will eventually lead them to the Eye. Needless to say this was quite the adventure story.

I think a part of my issue with this series so far is that each book has totally new characters. Now we do get glimpses of our heroes and heroines from the past two books, but that’s it. And since I don’t know if there’s a fourth book to come at the moment, I’m not sure if we interacted with the next possible couple. Basically, what I am saying is, that we deal with new characters each and every time. Even if we get some sort of mentioning of them in the previous book, it’s been so long I can’t quite remember. This basically results with me starting the next book in the series like it’s a first book each and every time. And that can be sort of mind-boggling. I feel like that since this is a series that there should be more continuity. Don’t get me wrong, I can sense that we have some. There’s brief flashes in my memory that says, “oh yes, I remember you and this!” but it’s rare. I’m hoping that since we seem to be getting the Triad kicking into full swing, what with two out of the three members accounted for, that soon the stories will seem to flow more together. I just wish that all the characters would interact more than they do, I feel like my memory would be able to piece things together more easily.

I liked the romance that was brewing between Aura and Ryder as well. They have a bit of past and even though Aura’s husband died many years ago, there’s still quite a load of obstacles that these two must overcome. Although I can’t help but wish that the romance could’ve been a bit more slow-burn than it was. It was still a hot, swoony romance, I just tend to enjoy a slow-burning one more! But I guess since I got that in the last two books, I can’t complain that much!

There were quite a few surprises in this one! There were shocking reveals, ultimate twists, and stunning revelations! It was a head-spinner, but in a good way! While I did struggle a bit with this story, I am still enjoying this series! Dragons are so freaking awesome and Erin Kellison’s dragons fit that bill as well! I feel like we have just barely scratched the surface in this world that she has built and I cannot wait to see what’s in store next!

While this is a series and I would highly suggest reading them in order, I think you could pretty much dive in at any point. So far we’ve encountered three different couples and there’s only snatches of continuity trends going on. You’ll know of who’s with who and who has certain abilities and that kind of thing, but there are no major spoilers to my knowledge. I have the faintest inkling of who might be our next couple and I’m curious to see if it pans out! I definitely cannot wait for the next book in this series. If you love dragons and are looking for the next hot paranormal read, this is it!

Overall Rating 3.75/5 stars—yup, awkward rating again! Almost a four star read, but my own memory issues and bit of a busy day in between reading spurts kind of made it hard to follow at times.


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