Aug 3, 2017

Random Thursday

And now we return to Disney Facts Revealed: Answers to Fans' Curious Questions as answered by Dave Smith! Let's see what we can learn today!

(image borrowed from Youtbe)
The wolves that appeared in the animated short, Camp Dog and Pest of the West were a father and son duo that were simply called Bent-Tail and Bent-Tail Jr.

(image borrowed from Disney Wiki)

In 2006, Disney gained back the rights to Oswald after losing them 78 years earlier. Though they were only able to get back the cartoons made by Walt Disney from 1927-1928. They were unable to get back the later cartoons which were drawn by Walter Lantz.

(image borrowed from Oh My Disney)
There were apparently 13 lost episodes that featured Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. They seem to be lost because no one cared to find the cartoons that didn't feature sound. The films were left to deteriorate or were destroyed to get back the silver that was in the film stock. It's possible that these films still exist, abandoned somewhere in the basement, but we may never truly know.

And a little extra factoid that is brought to your from the Disney Desk Calendar 2017!

(image borrowed from Disney Wiki)
The first Mickey Mouse cartoon to be featured in color was titled The Band Concert. It basically features Mickey and his friends giving a concert in a park. But Mickey's long sleeves start to get in his way of conducting...and apparently, so does Donald!

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