Aug 31, 2017

Random Thursday

Time to return to Disney Facts Revealed: Answers to Fans' Curious Questions as answered by Dave Smith for one last round of Disney facts! Next month, we'll go back to the totally random random facts! ;)

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)
There's speculation that Donald Duck's birthday is on Friday the 13th. Donald's real birthday is June 9, 1934, for that was his first appearance in a Disney cartoon and that was The Wise Little Hen. His birthday was celebrated on Friday the 13th in some comics and storybooks, as to what month though, Dave didn't say.

(image borrowed from Disney Wiki)
There have been quite a few people to have voiced the famous mouse, Mickey! Walt Disney voiced him from 1928-1946, then Jim Macdonald from 1946-1977, Wayne Allwine 1977-2009, and finally Bret Iwan from 2009-present day (which the book was published last year, but there's some copyright dates of 2015 inside as well). Chris Diamantopoulos did some voicing of Mickey for a series of cartoons that started in 2013. There was also another voice, Carl Stalling, who filled in for Walt when he got busy.

(image borrowed from Disney Wiki)
"Minnie's Yoo Hoo" was the first Disney song to be published. It was in 1930 and was offered as sheet music. The song originally appeared in the cartoon, Mickey's Follies.

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