Aug 21, 2017

Discussion Challenge: Why I Don't Read Samplers

Another quick discussion idea came to me when I was doing something or other earlier this week, so I quickly wrote it down before I forgot and waited until I had time to write it! Never fails that I actually get busy one weekend and it interferes with blogging! LOL! But anyway, my post today is about...

Why I Don't Read Samplers

Samplers can be a gift or a curse depending on how you look at it. For me, they've always been a curse! It all goes back to the days where I would read the extra sneak peek into the next book in the back of book I just finished. I'd be reading it and getting really into it, then I turned the page and noting! Don't get me wrong, I totally see the point of samplers. Especially when it comes to attracting new readers and enticing old ones!

But for the reader that is me, I think samplers are the devil!

Samplers basically do what they are supposed to do, but I don't like them! Lol! I don't like having the story cut off and I think well I just wasted that time reading something I can't finish. When I could've been starting my next full length read. And odds are that if I decided to read the sampler, we're months away from the release and I will have a loooooooong time until I get to read the actual book. So I will have to re-read whatever it is I just read. And when you have a very, very overwhelming TBR pile that you would like to, in essence, finish before you die, you realize you can't waste your times on books you aren't enjoying, so you DNF it and you also don't really want to waste your time on a sample of a book you're going to read eventually anyway. So that's basically why I don't read samplers, but again, I totally totally understand their purpose!

So what about you guys, do you read samplers? Do you love or hate them?


  1. SAAME. I like samplers for collecting purposes, but I'd never read it - no matter how highly anticipated that book is!

  2. I might sample a book if I am trying to decide if I want to buy it or not. Otherwise, I am not really a fan.

  3. I don't really like samplers either, and for the same reasons. Especially since publishers end the samplers so strategically, at a point where you're like, are you serious??? I'd rather just start from scratch when I have the entire book. Buuuut, from a collector's point-of-view, samplers are nice to have. For a collection. :D

    Great post! Have a lovely day, Jessica. =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  4. Same here. I’d rather wait for the book to come out. It’s frustrating to start reading and not be able to finish the story.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  5. YES. Everything you just said! I have nothing to add even lol. That is also why I hate samplers---they just take time I could've used for another book since I'll have to reread that part anyway!

  6. I read samplers before I request a book in Netgalley. I just want to know first if the book is something that I would like so I will not waste time on requesting and reading things that will bore me eventually. The problem with that though is when I don't get approved, so I will have to wait for the release date to completely read something that I liked.

  7. I totally agree with you on this. Samplers seem like a waste of my time. Anyway, by the time I get to the actual book comes out any excitement I might have built up from reading the sample is probably gone.

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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