Aug 12, 2017

Discussion Challenge: My Favorite Kind of Romance

So it's been awhile since I did a discussion post and I thought I'd better get on it! Especially since I'm feeling lazy and not quite up to bookstagramming like I should! LOL! Needing inspiration, I turned to the helpful list and I saw one that I thought I would talk about!

My Favorite Kind of Romance!

It's not so much that I look for something specific really. I'm not a fan of the insta-romance, but I'll admit that it can be done well sometimes. As for examples I'm drawing a blank. Again, I'm feeling kind of meh. Not sick, but wanting to be lazy and not do the things I should be doing! Lol! 

But basically my favorite romance are the slow-burn ones. I'd say it extends to hate-to-romance as well. I like it when it takes awhile for the romance to happen. I'm kind of the believer in that love takes times. Don't get me wrong, I'm still a Disney girl at heart too and I'm totally fine with all those moments the prince sees the princess and falls in love! Or vice versa! It's Disney, it's expected to happen that way! Which is why I got a kick out of Enchanted a few years back when it released! God was it 10 years already?!

But anyway, back to the topic on hand! I like when the romance takes awhile! Sure there can be those moments where we think something might happen. A kiss that's just a kiss, but could mean something more to one of the parties. Those little teases are fun. Plus I like to feel like in all that time our characters are getting to know one another, even if they tend to pick on one another more so than being nice!

How about you guys? What kinds of romance do you like in your books? Or do you prefer no romance in books?

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  1. I definitely prefer slow-burn romances to instalove. There have been a FEW times where instalove worked for me (it doesn't bother me in Disney movies either), but most of the time I want to feel a connection between the characters before I'm told there is one.

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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