Oct 10, 2018

Let's Discuss: Costumes

After gushing on my love for Halloween, I realized I forgot to touch on costumes! So I thought, let's make that into a new discussion!


As a kid, dressing up as someone else was pretty cool! Naturally, I chose things related to Disney! I think I had a Little Mermaid costume, a Princess Jasmine, sadly no Belle. I don't think they had her that or there was something else I really wanted to be that year it released! Who knows! Of course I was other things like a witch here, a little kid here (probably my last costume in middle school), and naturally Kimberly the Pink Power Ranger--ninja style! Oh yeah, I was totally a 90s kid!

Nowadays I don't really dress up! Though this year, I was seriously considering buying a Belle costume for adults but it kind of fit awkwardly. It was more me feeling awkward in it too. Plus I have no parties coming up that would require me to wear a costume. And since it was official Disney merchandise, it was pretty expensive so I decided to just pass on it.

I would wear costumes mostly to the parties at the RT convention. Though that's changed over to the Booklover's Con now. Hoping to do that maybe in 2020 if it's still going on! That it was in NOLA next year and that's literally where I was for my last RT kind of made me want to pass. I'd rather go somewhere new! Lol.

Costumes were always fun! I wish I had more talent to create a bookish character one, but oddly, if it's not a YA book and dressing like a normal teen doesn't feel very costumey, it would be an Urban Fantasy read and there's no way I'm wearing leather pants and tank tops! Lol! Yeah, that's a hard pass! 

I'd love to figure out a good bookish costume though one day. If I had somewhere to go of course!

What were or are some of your favorite costumes you wore or wanted to wear? Where do you get to wear your costumes to these days?


  1. As a kid, one of my favorite costumes was a Wonder Woman costume my mom made for me. I was obsessed with the tv series in the 70s.

    As an adult, I haven't dressed up much in costume as I have only attended a couple of themed costume parties this time of year... Since I'm married though, I've often thought it would be fun if my hubby and I dressed up in a themed/matching costumes... But alas, that would be only a dream as we don't attend costume parties.

  2. I haven't worn a costume in years, but I did dress steampunk for RT one year!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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