Oct 8, 2018

Let's Discuss: Halloween!

October was always one of my favorite times of year! Not only does the weather eventually start to get cooler and the relentless summer comes to an end (at some point!), but also because one of my favorite holidays is in October! And naturally, that's Halloween!

Why I Love Halloween

There's really no long winded history as to why I love the holiday! Naturally, as a kid, I loved picking out my costume and going trick-or-treating around the neighborhood--though now I think, holy cow, that's really dangerous to do these days! The whole trunk-or-treating that goes on at schools is an ideal way to go! Moving on!

Nowadays I find myself just enjoying the holiday because of all the creepy decor! Perhaps part of it is because I'm into bookstagram now and am looking at things for props! Other times I look at things and think, "wow, that would look great on my bookshelf ALL YEAR LONG!" Though since my bookcases keep getting moved around it's harder to decide what to buy for the year long decor! Most of my other pieces are packed up since they can't be on display anymore.

But I love that all the things I love to read about in my books come to life in the stores and whatnot at Halloween time! It's just fun! I love seeing creepy looking decor pieces and wanting to display them all year long! It's a weird thing I guess, but I've never really considered myself on any levels of "normal" anyway!

And my last reason for loving Halloween? Pumpkin season and by that I mean THIS pumpkin:

Is Halloween a favorite for you? What do you enjoy or love about Halloween time?


  1. I love Reese pumpkins, too!! Especially the white chocolate ones! Basically I love everything about Halloween though XD

  2. Halloween is a wonderful holiday, but it isn't my favorite holiday as an adult... I think of it more as a holiday for kids.

  3. Halloween isn't my favorite holiday, honestly. I've never been a fan of spooky or creepy. I did like dressing up when I was a kid, though!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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