Oct 12, 2018

Let's Discuss: Vampires!

With the excitement of hearing that Renee Ahdieh's 2019 release will feature vampires I immediately became SUPER excited! I love vampires! Always have, always will! When I was scanning the article releasing the news I was a bit dismayed to hear about the vampire "genre" having died down. And while I can see it and understand it, it does upset me too.


My very first paranormal book featured vampires and I was quick to fall in love with them! I still love them too! Though I have branched out to other books and creatures of the night! Lol! But there's always something special about one's first love (in books too)! And vampires were mine.

I know some people got burnt out by vampires after Twilight and the revived The Vampire Diaries, but for me it was never enough! I read The Vampire Diaries a good looooong time before the show was even a possibility and when I read Twilight, I was meh...while everyone else I knew was blown away or whatever.

And then I started working seriously hard on my own book which featured vampires because that's what I wanted to write about! It was an idea I had as a teen so I kept working on it and working on it. Naturally, it didn't get much attention because vampires were too popular at the time of my querying. I need to get back to tweaking a few things and then trying to query again. 

I don't know if Renee's book might mean vampires are back on the rise or not! I will definitely be reading the book when it releases next year! I mean, I still have a good hundred or so vampire books in my TBR pile to read as well! But as I said, I've expanded my reading tastes to witches, ghosts, werewolves and a variety of magical aspects as well! It's about time I return to a vampire book again...though it might be awhile still based on my current reading queue! Lol!

But I am excited to read one of my favorite authors branching into my favorite "genre", and that naturally is VAMPIRES!

What about you? How do you feel about vampires? And don't worry about hurting my feelings! I know vampires aren't for everyone! Will you be reading Renee's new book, The Beautiful, next year?


  1. I, too, am excited about Renee's book featuring vampires! I've never fallen out of love with vampire romances - and would personally be very happy with the genre became popular again! OMG...

  2. I never got too much into the vampire craze. I do read paranormal books, but not that much anymore. It depends more on the author than the type of paranormal to me now. Since I really liked The Wrath and the Dawn, I'll probably be reading it. :)Best of luck querying!

  3. You should definitely try querying again. You never know when vampires might come back in style! :-)

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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