Oct 11, 2018

Random Thursday

Time to dig deeper into The Little Book of Answers by Doug Lennox in the Sports and Leisure section!

(image borrowed from NFLShop)
In the early days of television when it was still in black and white, in order to be able to tell two different sports teams apart, the home team would wear a white jersey and the visitors would wear the darker colored one.

That is so weird! We've basically switched now! At least from what I can tell!

(image borrowed from Stadiums of Pro Football)
Football dates back way to 1486 when two teams would play with an INFLATED ANIMAL BLADDER. The rules to the game evolved several times before we came to the rules we are familiar with in North America. There were three chances to advance the ball five yards and this led to white lines being painted on the field. From the stands the lines looked like broiled meat from the metal grating of a griddle or "gridiron" and thus the nickname "gridiron" became used for the football field.

Obviously some of the rules have changed since then! And can you guess what football fan family I come from with these picks?! LOL!

(image borrowed from Youtube)
It's "not over until the fat lady sings" has become a popular expression in sports for years when Dick Motta, a basketball coach, misquoted sports columnist Dan Cook in regards to the Bulls' slim chance in making the playoffs. The expression stucked despite being misquoted. It's believed that the inspiration for the quote came from the old American proverb, "Church ain't out until the fat lady sings."


(image borrowed from UPI.com)
Getting the term "second string" used for the backup players for a team dates back to the medieval times when archers would carry with them a few extra sets of bow string. All the strings had to be equally great and powerful, hence the reason why one has a "second string" and more in sports.

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