Apr 18, 2020

Let's Discuss: Quarantine Blues

So things have been rough for everyone everywhere lately because of quarantines and the general mayhem. I know everyone has probably had some sort of quarantine post of some nature, so here's mine! I basically just want to talk about what I miss about the old normal!

Quarantine Blues

So we've been under stay at home orders for almost 2 months now. Sure, it wasn't an explicit stay at home at the beginning of March, but most companies were making their own decisions on that. Since March I was making one grocery run on Saturday and calling it done.

Back in the "before" time, Saturdays were a little more eventful in my errands. I'd still do a Walmart run, maybe a grocery store as well for other things. But I'd also occasionally go to Kohl's and browse for clothes or whatnot. There would be the occasional B&N run, or maybe Half Price Books if I was feeling adventurous for treasure hunting! I'd like to pop in Bath and Body Works if they had coupons for free gifts or a general sale if I was in the need for something that I probably didn't really need! Lol. This was the time, or the day of the week, where I would "go out into the world!" I kind of miss it, even though I didn't socialize while doing it.

There was just that getting out of the house. During the week, I pretty much just go to work, come home, and get ready for the next work day. Weekends were for fun and relaxing times. Or for me, just getting out for a few hours and doing things.

I also miss book signings. Luckily, I got my one for March done before all these closures started happening. I didn't have any planned post that one, I was actually waiting for other spring tours to be announced when the chaos hit the fan. I totally get why they had to be canceled of course. Book signings were my thing though! I LOVED meeting other readers and having long conversations about this and that book. It was just the most fun thing ever. I don't have "real life" friends nearby who have the same interests I do, so this maybe once a month socialization time was what I lived for! Lol. I'm hoping fall festivals will still happen, but it's way too soon to tell at this time.

So what are some things you've been missing during our nationwide/worldwide quarantine?

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