Apr 23, 2020

Review--The Brightest Embers by Jeaniene Frost

You can run from your destiny, but you can't hide

Ivy thought that she and Adrian had conquered their fates. Yet with thousands of innocents still trapped in the demon realms, she's determined to locate the final hallowed weapon and harness its unparalleled power to free them. But the last relic nearly put Ivy in the grave—there's probably no coming back from this one.

Adrian's dark lineage has made him the most powerful of his kind, yet even his incredible abilities might not be enough now. Instead, the treacherous fate he has fought so hard to escape might be the only way he can save Ivy. Their scintillating bond has been tested before, but never with so much on the line. Now fate will come head-to-head against true love, and nothing they've endured can prepare Ivy and Adrian for the unthinkable choices they'll face...

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Jeaniene Frost's conclusion to the Broken Destiny trilogy, The Brightest Embers was an amazing read! Ivy and Adrian, joined by Jasmine, Costas, and of course Brutus are determined to find the final sacred object, the spear that stabbed Jesus, and finally bring an end to their quest for the past year. But it's not going to be easy, there will be more secrets, more betrayals and secrets and the ending is going to be one that takes you by surprise!

Ivy is determined to complete her destiny, no matter what it takes. And she finds out the price is pretty high too. One so high that Adrian does the unthinkable--we actually saw this at the every end of The Sweetest Burn. We know that this conversation will have to come up again as it seems everywhere they look for the spearhead they strike out and when Ivy eventually learns why, she is devastated.

The relationship between Ivy and Adrian has been rocky from the start. There's too many secrets, too much withholding of all the facts, and sadly, this tends to come from Adrian's side. Yet they continue to try to make things work even though the danger level is still high.

This book pretty much has the quartet and Brutus traveling the world (quite literally) in order to find the spearhead that would be a major game changer in the war between humans and demons...as the Archons are, well, absent. Zach is still an infrequent visitor popping up every now and then. He's been a tough character to handle at times, and yet I feel like Jeaniene really wrote him well to his "species." He's not bad, not at all, yet it's hard to pinpoint his character based on his actions. I mean, he says he does what he's told to by his Boss, but yeah...tough subject to get into. But in the end, you realize the reasons behind his character.

The relationship factor between Ivy and Adrian continued to be the usual steamy Frost style that we fans have come to know and love! Though they have their problems, they work through them, and of course their more intimate moments are pretty smoking!

Another aspect I loved about this one was Brutus! I love that gargoyle and for whatever reason, I couldn't get Toothless out of my head every time Brutus stepped onto the page! They don't look alike at all, but yet, they are definitely brothers from another mother! Lol.

The ending to this one was shocking. I mean, I suspected some things along the way and made a few accurate predictions too. But though bits of the ending left me unsettled. Our quartet separated prior to the action-packed conclusion, but in the end one character returned to our favorite duo. But what happened to that other person? I mean, seriously! A lot revolved around this character in the series and in the end they just walked away? Even when their companion returned? What was up with that?! It was a little infuriating. I almost think I would've been just fine if the quartet just remained separated and I could imagine the other two being happy where they were. But alas, that was not the case.

It's always hard to want to discuss why an ending leaves me rattled without getting into the details. It's freaking hard! Lol. Just know that I was left rattled by the ending to this one. Just that one little aspect, the majority of the ending was just fine. It's one that was filled with that warm hope for a happily ever after! And since this is more of a paranormal new adult read, a happy ending in the final book is necessary. Honestly, I'd say that about any series in any genre! Lol. Needless to say, that despite a few hangups about the ending in a small sense, The Brightest Embers was a positively delightful read! I'm only sad now that I am caught up on Jeaniene's books. Back to the TBR pile I go!

Overall Rating 4.5/5 stars


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