Apr 20, 2020

Let's Discuss: Ridiculous Cover Changes

So as I was readying myself for my next read I was staring at the newly designed cover that changed drastically from the first book and I was like...seriously? We've all had cover changes happen, and we've either hated them or loved them or maybe were just like whatever. But let's look at some of these cover changes. Did they really do the right thing?

Ridiculous Cover Changes

What prompted this was my re-reading The Beautiful Ashes, let's look at that original cover:

This was the start of Jeaniene Frost's first Paranormal New Adult trilogy. I admit, it wasn't perfect. A young woman in the woods? She might be wearing a dress or just a sleeveless top, so totally not functional for a stroll in the forest, but whatever.

And then after there was a delay in the series, when it finally came back it came back like this:

This has the typical romance cover look. Which is fine, I guess...but honestly it makes NO SENSE! The characters aren't in that full on romance in the first book. There were obstacles of course. But Ivy wearing  his strappy halter top thing...really? And Adrian's shirtless...yet had the time to strap on his wrist cuff? It just seems soooo pointless. I get from a sales point that this makes for the reader to grab it because it's a Jeaniene Frost romance book and who doesn't want a shirtless hunk on the cover. But I mean, really? And that the series continues this theme for the rest of the trilogy, which for continuity sake's.

Ivy's accessories seem unnecessary as she's supposed to be saving the world and whatnot. Why the bling?

But again, I stress, that I get why the covers look like this from a sales point of view.

What's even funnier is that the ebooks were recently re-released with a new cover look:

Now instead of Ivy and Adrian...it's just Adrian. A new Adrian who's buffer. Honestly, I preferred the first Adrian. And oddly, the story is only told from Ivy's point of view and now she's not even on the cover. But the same can be said of Vlad's series, and Ian's for that matter. It's weird how the publishers changed that up. The male is on the cover to draw the female reader to pick it up, yet it's told from the heroine's point of view.

But of course at the end of the day, what's on the cover doesn't matter. It's what's on the inside that counts! Lol.

Has there been a cover change that just didn't make sense to you? Like if there's characters on the cover, did they match what you saw in the story itself? Not just in facial appearance, but even with their style of clothing?

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