Apr 16, 2020

Random Thursday

Returning to Leslie Gilbert Elman's Weird But True, we shall continue to learn more totally true facts about the most obscure things! It looks like we're still learning things about animals in this section!

(image borrowed from Star Tribune)
Bird flu and swine flu obviously originate within their given animal and can effect humans. But did you know there are also canine flu and equine flu that can effect their given animal?

Yeah...didn't know that myself! I mean, yes, I know animals can get sick, but an actual flu named for the animal?

(image borrowed from Wikipedida)
Diseases that come from animals and effect humans are called zoonotic diseases. The most common one being rabies, but there are others. People who work with horses can contract intestinal ailments like salmonellosis and skin conditions like ringworm and rain rot.

Wow. Almost makes you not want to work with horses. But I wonder, exactly how do you catch those things by working with horses, because obviously, we still work with horses!

(image borrowed from Youtube)
The mosquito's "nose" is on its atennae which are covered with odorant receptors. The receptors are sensitive to human sweat and are the ones that prompt a mosquito to bite. Oddly, they are only found on female mosquito.

And yet...in A Bug's Life, the mosquito who orders a Blood Mary has a masculine voice. So do the male mosquitoes not suck blood?

(image borrowed from Biography)
It's likely that King Tut died from malaria, which would've been transmitted by a mosquito bite.

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)
Female Anonpheles mosquitoes are the ones that transmit malaria. They are responsible for around one million human deaths each year.

So...what are mosquitoes good for? Doesn't every creature serve a purpose of some kind?

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