May 22, 2020

ARC Review--Wait by Alyssa Rose Ivy

What’s worse than finding out you can command demons? Having that revelation time up with falling in love.

Cade’s life has been turned completely upside down. Not only must he come to terms with a new identity, he must also deal with his increasingly stronger feelings for Marigold. Before he can even process either, he must step into a new role he never expected to take on. 

Marigold is like a fish out of water. Even in the water. The one constant in her life has been her strength, but now she’s starting to question that. As she struggles to rediscover her voice and power, she must also decide whether she’s willing to take the biggest risk of all—falling in love. The problem is, that decision may have already been made for her. 

 Fighting to find a way back to the life they knew and the people they thought they were, Cade and Marigold discover that they may not be so different after all. 

*New Adult Paranormal Romance*

I received this ARC from the author in exchange for an honest and voluntary review. I was in no way compensated for this review.
I was very happy to return to Alyssa Rose Ivy’s Triton Chronicles with Wait! Cade was a character I was eager to know more about as soon as he stepped onto the page oh so long ago! And Mari is positively a delight! I love her spunky attitude and how she’s not afraid to go after what she wants.
I’ll admit, this one was a little rough in the beginning for me. Mostly because I had no book description to go by, seems Goodreads decided to forgo posting one as did Amazon and my usual sites. But nonetheless I preserved. Mari and Cade find themselves somewhere else entirely from where we ended things in the last go around. I had only remembered Cade hearing voices calling him “master” so the change in location threw me a bit, as it seemed to throw Cade and Mari, so I was pretty much in the same boat with them! Lol.
Cade and Mari are fighting to escape the strange place they find themselves in and return home to their friends and family, but their bizarre trip wasn’t all for naught. Not only do we meet some of these demons that had been calling to Cade, we get hints of what might have happened to Mari’s missing uncle. Though there is still plenty of mystery to be had as it seems we’re only just touching the surface of this twisted tale. The mystery will only continue to grow and the plot thickens as we near towards the end of this novel.
The end, really and totally threw me! Not only do we meet yet another character—villainous in nature—who might be behind the bizarre happenings lately. Yet things get really twisted in those last few moments that my head was completely spinning with theories as to what just happened, what’s happening, and what’s going to happen in the next go around!
This was without a doubt one heart-racing read and quite the mind spinner too! I don’t want that to come off as a bad thing, yes, I might have been struggling to keep up with all the twists and turns, but I was loving the excitement of it all. Though I was still a bit puzzled over the place Mari and Cade were in for the majority of the novel. I don’t think it ever really gets a name.
I was quite happy to see yet another familiar face in this one! I’m really starting to enjoy this guy’s character…though he may not exactly be on Team Good. Lol.
The romance between Cade and Mari continues to battle between sweet and steamy! There are moments when things get really steamy between them as they try to distract one another from their surroundings and circumstances and then in the next moment, Cade is awkwardly trying to call themselves a couple and other “title” names. It was kind of cute and endearing as he wanted there to be more than just physical lust between them. And it would seem that Mari thinks the same.
But since their predicament is pretty dire, romance kind of takes a backseat in this one. This book is all about trying to get themselves back home before the next you-know-what storm hits. There’s still the matter of finding out what happened to Mari’s uncle as well. Then there’s dealing with the big bad enemy who made their appearance in the finale of this one! There’s still a lot that must be done before Cade and Mari can try for their happy ending…and I am excited for every heart-racing moment that is bound to come in the grand finale!
I gush all the time about how much I adore Alyssa Rose Ivy’s Paranormal New Adut series! It’s truly the perfect read for any paranormal fan! The amount of “beings” she creates too is something to be admired; we’ve had men who can fly with wings, dragons, and werewolves just to name some of the more known types. There are others for sure and I love being able to explore this supernatural world with every book she writes! If you’ve been looking for that paranormal read that isn’t YA but not quite adult yet, then I strongly recommend checking out one of Alyssa’s many series! You won’t be disappointed!
And as a side note, you can pick up any Chronicles trilogy and read it without needing to read everything that came before, just know that there will be minor spoilers involved of basically who ended up with who…and sometimes the trouble they had to go through to get to their happy ending.
Overall Rating 4/5 stars
Wait is out NOW!

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