May 18, 2020

Let's Discuss: TBR Reading

I haven't had a discussion yet this month. Starting to find less things to talk about. There's not much going on that spurs a discussion within me. But then one came to me the other day, and I thought, why not discuss it?

TBR Reading

So for almost two months now, I've been reading mostly TBR books! I think I read one review book in April and I have another one coming up this week. But other than those, it's been all TBR! No other new releases have made their way into my queue and yet...I'm totally fine with that!

I feel like blogging has gotten to only reading and reviewing the latest and greatest! If you're going to post content it needs to be on new and fresh books. Which is good and all, because the new books need all the promo they can get! Whether they're from a debut author or established--though to be honest, I only write my established author reviews just because I'm used to writing a review these days! I don't read any of those anymore to be honest unless it's for a book I'm on the fence about.

By reading my TBR books lately, it's almost like I've gone back to reading for me! Which is weird, because that's what I've been doing for the past 11+ years to begin with! If I happen to get an ARC or get a new release early enough to post a review during its height, that's great! If big deal.

I find I'm becoming more laid back as a reader and reviewer. I'm really happy to be getting back to my older TBR books, especially series I've left hanging for years on end! I've set aside at least 13 series I wouldn't mind finishing this year. Some are new ones that just have 1 book left, others are unfinished trilogies that I only started, one or two might be a long running series where I still had 2 or so books left to read. Then of course I still have other longer series to read as well, but those are more the standalone books that form into a world series, so it's no big rush to finish those right away like these other ones!

I told myself I won't allow myself to start any new series in my TBR pile or otherwise until I finish those 13. Really it was 15, but I finished one last week and am in the midst of finishing another, so I'm making progress already!

That's not to say I won't stop when a review book pops up or a new release I am dying to read comes into my hands...say anything Jennifer L. Armentrout related! Though I still need to read her new adult one that just released! I actually just ordered a signed copy from her shop! So goodbye ebook I haven't even started yet! Lol. Though that one will come in handy if I have to leave said book behind and am stuck somewhere else needing to read something!

My review books end up being ones that would make its way into my TBR pile at release day, so for me those are a never a hardship to make a decision on! Though I did pass on a digital download now book only because I am so happy to be reading TBR books. And I want to read another book from that author who's in my TBR pile...even in my current pile of 13 series to be finished! So I can wait.

I'm not even sure how to pose a question to you guys about this do you balance your review book reading and TBR book reading? Do you feel like you're always reading review books and never your TBR books? How do you define your TBR pile? For me it's all books I've bought for myself (or were gifted) that I want to read. The review pile is completely separate.

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