May 7, 2020

Random Thursday

Time for more fun and nonsense with Leslie Gilbert Elman's Weird But True, wherein we will learn more totally bizarre and true facts!

(image borrowed from Ancient History Encyclopedia)
The Mahabharata is about 75,000 verses and nearly 2 million words long and is one of the longest epic poems ever written. It is one of the most significant Hindu texts in history. There have been many interpretations published over the years, though the most unusual one is from 2009, where an Indian academic was writing his own translation on Twitter. Yes. Twitter!

Kind of curious if he finished! This book is from 2010, so maybe?

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)
 The longest epic poem in existence is considered to be the Tibetan Epic of King Gesar written in the 11 century. It contains more than a million verses, most of which aren't written on paper. The passing of this poem was through storytellers.

Whoa. I don't remember learning about that one. I always thought Beowulf was long!

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)
Pramoedya Anata Toer was an Indonesian writer who wrote the famous "Buru Quartet" when he was a political prisoner for 10 years. Because he was in prison he wasn't given pen or paper, he committed his stories to memory by telling them to his fellow prisoners every night.

Dannnng! That's hardcore! I've a sucky memory myself! Lol.

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It's believed that sometime in 1652, John Milton went blind due to glaucoma. He was able to write his 12 volume poem, Paradise Lost, by dictating to his daughters and assistants.

Whoa. That's awesome!

(image borrowed from Reddit)
People think that baby bunnies are "born blind" because their eyes are more often closed as newborns. This isn't necessarily true--the blind part. Rabbits are born with the ability to see but as babies, their eyelids are temporarily sealed shut. They tend to open one week after birth.

This I did not know! I guess that can be true of other baby animals in those early days!

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