May 19, 2020

Teaser & Top Ten Tuesdays

Teaser Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by Purple Princess of The Purple Booker

Here are the rules:

1. Grab your current read
2. Open to a page
3. Pick out 2 lines that are SPOILER FREE
4. Name the title, author, etc.

"I froze, my breath hissing out between my teeth. Because Deah had just run into the very last person either one of us wanted to see right now." p 150

TITLE: Bright Blaze of Magic
AUTHOR: Jennifer Estep
GENRE: YA Paranormal
RELEASE DATE: April 26, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

*prepared to NOT be shocked NOR

This week's topic is: Top Ten Reasons Why I Love the World of Caraval!!

**in no particular order

10. THE AMAZING/UNIQUE STORY-LINE--I really enjoyed the storyline of this series! It was unique and different for me. 
9. MYSTERIOUS--the game, the characters! There was so much mystery to this world!
8. THE SISTERLY BOND--Scarlett was very much driven by her love for her sister in this one! Fearing for Tella's life, she's willing to play the ultimate dangerous game!

7. TELLA--I looooved Tella! I loved her sass and attitude! Yes, she was bold and brash and in the best possible of ways!
6. LEGEND--the man of mystery himself! Complicated, puzzling, and sometimes infuriating, but oh so lovable!
5. JACKS--another man of mystery who only continued to grow on me! Sooo hoping he stars in Encore--the rumored title of book 4!

4. GORGEOUS COVERS--this series has had the most gorgeous covers worldwide! I'm stoked that I have so many of them in my collection! Lol.
3. MAGIC--this series is truly magical in all the ways! Magic in the way that books are always magical and of course the mysterious magic that lies within the game itself.
2. THE GAME--I mean, it's a pretty high stakes game at times! Everyone fighting for that one wish, everyone willing to do anything to get it! Talk about intense!!

1. STEPHANIE GARBER--I mean seriously! She writes the most AMAZING books ever and she is the most super sweetest author I've ever met! She was shocked and amazed by all the copies I brought with me the 2 out of 3 times I met her! The first time at book 1, I only had, you know, my book 1 plus 1 UK copy! Lol.


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